Foxcroft School senior L’Nya Caldwell, from the Bronx, Wednesday signed a celebratory letter committing to attend and play lacrosse at Roanoke College. It was a very special day for this young woman who has overcome many challenges and worked extremely hard, academically as well as athletically, to make herself a collegiate lacrosse player.

The Harlem Lacrosse program, which changed the trajectory of L’Nya’s life, is itself a worthwhile story — from humble beginnings in NYC it has grown to serve 800+ inner city youth in NY, Boston, Baltimore, LA and more. The organization’s Chief Program Director, Joel Censer traveled from new York for Wednesday’s event (he grew up in Fairfax) and speaks eloquently about the program and L’Nya’s development.

Sports news, human interest story, personal profile — this story plays any of these ways and more. I hope you will take the time to read the story I’ve written and/or to follow up with your own story.

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