Hi, I’m Kevin Hazard and I’m running for my third term on the Middleburg Town Council.  I have also served on the Town’s Planning Commission for over 10 years.  I am running again because I love Middleburg and would like to help our new Mayor in his transition from our wonderful retiring Mayor, Betsy Davis.

We have a number of issues facing us as a town, three of the most crucial are empty storefronts, high taxes and creeping suburbia.  Luckily, the town has very strong financial reserves that can be used to alleviate the first two.  Right now, with the help of our new Business and Economic Development Director, Jamie Gaucher, we are actively seeking businesses that fit our small-town character and are good for the town residents.  For the high taxes, I will work with the new mayor and fellow council members to redistribute part of our budget surplus to help those town residents who need it most.  As for the third issue, this council is heavily involved in working with the county to allow Western Loudoun to stay the way it is.  Getting away from suburbia is the reason that most of us live here.

I love serving on your Town Council.  Nationally, our country is as politically polarized as it’s been since the 1960’s or even back to the Civil War.  We do not have that kind of division here.  Since I’ve lived here, Middleburg has always been a model for decorum in politics.  All issues are debated on their merits and never with an ism , but always for what we felt is best for ALL of our residents.  It can take us awhile, but we usually get close to consensus.   If reelected, I will work to maintain this spirit of cooperation and to keep Middleburg the wonderful small town that it is.


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