To Juice or Not to Juice? That’s easy to answer, thanks to the delicious Green Juice available from Middleburg Juice Company.

Founder Matthew Cahir promises and delivers, literally and figuratively, seriously fresh juice made from organic, non-GMO ingredients. Cahir’s recipe is lowest in sugar and very high in fiber without being heavy. Best of all, this Green Juice’s appeal has no age limits — children and teens are as enthusiastic as their elders about drinking their daily vegetables.

“My intention is for Green Juice to be a great representation of Middleburg with zero footprint and zero waste,” Cahir says. “What’s left after juicing will feed pigs and chickens. The glass bottles will be collected and sanitized, then re-purposed. We’ll be sourcing up to 80 percent of our product from local farms within the next 30 to 60 days. This also serves as a great opportunity for local students to get gainful holiday employment and understand the mechanics of small business.”

Middleburg Juice Company, established January 25, 2018, owes its existence to Cahir’s nearly miraculous health turnaround that began in early December 2017.

“My health was in the toilet — a combination of issues, including heart, gout, and Lyme,’ he admits. “I was carrying pre-diabetic weight – 265 pounds. I was close to full-blown IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]. I did a lot of reading, looking for help. No one can eat the amount of salad and vegetables required daily to keep you healthy. A good friend who’s a nutritionist suggested I try adding juice to my diet.”

The sad truth is that even top-of-the-line labels tend to be high in sugars and, with flash pasteurization, carry use-by dates that negate the basic premise of fresh juice. Unless you’re a total DIYer, you might want to check out the new juice in town.

Cahir (pronounced Car) wanted green juice that ticked all the boxes: light, refreshing, palatable, very low in carbs (sugar) and fresh fresh fresh. The decision to make his own resulted in an epic albeit successful quest for the Holy Grail of Green Juice. He received invaluable help from his nutritionist friend, Elizabeth McGuire.

“We developed this recipe and kept honing it,” recalls Cahir. “At first, it was rather disgusting with that horrible green after-taste. We kept increasing ingredients, taking them away, changing the proportions — two solid months, every single day of tasting, refining and trying to find this recipe that works. From what everybody says, my juice has all the ingredients that anybody needs and in the right proportions: 90 percent veg and 10 percent fruit. Anything you buy off the shelves is the other way around — way too much sugar.”

Cahir set specific goals. He wanted to make juice that a) is really enjoyable to drink so that you want to drink it; b) that actually does what you want it to do; and c) is balanced enough to have a couple days of refrigerated shelf life from the inclusion of natural preservatives that stop the juice from turning too rank too fast.

“Drinking my green juice, I lost 46 pounds and I have no inflammation at all — after years of having an attack every second week, I haven’t had inflammation for months,” Cahir says. “It’s amazing. I’ve got the energy of a 20-year-old. My hair is so soft. I used to have a big issue with oily skin and got eruptions everywhere, but my skin’s completely clear. I almost had IBS from all the rubbish I was eating. Before juicing, I ate two steaks a day and never ate anything organic or non-GMO. First thing every morning I drink my green juice — it’s the most palatable, easy and convenient way to get all those good nutrients into my system. What grabs me is there’s actually a thrill getting to the fridge and opening the bottle to that smell. It’s like OMG!”

Cahir spent years working in New York City for a huge investment bank. “I was doing very large transactions for Goldman Sachs in the IT industry and software — buying and selling companies. There’s no human side to that, no emotion,” he says. “It was all about how to increase revenue and maximize profit on every single transaction. With the juice, it’s very personal — 20 percent of my customers are undergoing chemotherapy, have an imbalance of white or red blood cells, have a major disease that they’re recovering from. They’re using my Green Juice as a really important part of their nutrition and in most cases it’s doctor-sponsored. They went to their doctors and said, ‘I can get hold of this fresh green juice, should I do it?’ The doctors said absolutely.

“Think about how hard it is for them to be able to ingest food, much less really good healthy food,” continues Cahir. “They think the Green Juice tastes great even when their taste buds have gone to crap. They’re getting the nutrition they need and it’s actually doing them good. That’s pretty satisfying.”

Health, quality of life – it’s a concern for everyone, young and old. Cahir has customers with arthritis, who tell him that the Green Juice is having a big impact on their pain, and kids with really bad acne taking strong drugs to get rid of it.

“The kids are seeing massive changes in their skin with the juice,” Cahir says. “Ladies, who have been going to hairdressers for a long time, are saying their hair is the best it’s been in 20 years. One day at the tennis club, someone standing next to me said, ‘OMG, what’s happening to him? Look at how much weight he lost!’ It’s another guy on my Green Juice.”

Cahir had very specific goals for his juice: “The biggest driver was addressing the inflammation I had — inflammation of the joints, inflammation of the bowel, general inflammation of everything. Inflammation is the trigger for cancer, acne, IBS, arthritis. Everything comes from inflammation. I knew I was inflamed. I was always hot and sweaty and disgusting. I could never get cool, never get rid of the swelling, never get rid of the pain.”

Juicing has been around since ancient times. It’s getting a serious renaissance with Middleburg Juice Company’s Green Juice — available by subscription only and delivered to your door. It’s win, win all the way, as green as it gets. Maybe you won’t chug your 16-ounce bottle like a bunch of kids have been doing, but there’s a lot to be said for sip and savor.

Bridget Chase Wilson, owner/founder of Native Barre Studios in Middleburg, is one very satisfied consumer. “You go into a big city, there are amazing fresh green juice bars everywhere – and now Middleburg Juice Company’s making is the perfect Green Juice. The sugar is low, it has all the right ingredients,” states Wilson emphatically. “For me, it’s a great meal replacement when I’m too busy to sit down for a real meal. It’s full of the right nutrients and makes you feel good and refreshed. You’re empowered to get through your day. It’s good for your skin. My husband’s drinking it, too. Fresh juice can cost nearly $15 for an 8-ounce serving. Matt’s juice is 16 ounces, and I feel you really get a lot for your money.”

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