Pilates has been around a long time.  Created by Joseph Pilates around 1918. He was born in Germany, by 1912 he was living in England and worked as a self-defense instructor.  When World War I broke out he became an alien intern.  During this time he had a position at a hospital, he realized the patients were not getting better so he devised a plan to attach bed springs to the headboard and footboard of the bed as a means to get these patients moving so they could regain their health.  Joseph was a genius at movement.  He had a passion for health and fitness.  Pilates was formed out of a desire to help those that could not help themselves because they did not have the tools or knowledge to do so on their own.

After the war he returned to Germany where his work began to be recognized.  In 1926 he brought pilates to the states, specifically New York City. He shared space in the city with the New York City Ballet.   Pilates really began to be embraced by the ballet community around 1960.  Professional ballet dancers lined up to be students of Joseph Pilates. Later, his students would become professional  Pilates instructors. For ballet dancers this work provided a balanced strong lean toned and flexible body.  The emphasis of pilates is the core, better known in Joseph’s world as the powerhouse.  The powerhouse is the engine that drives the work.  Balance comes from the work, by elongating muscles, building better posture, freeing joints and lining up the bones properly so the muscles can do their job.  All the while increasing circulation and distributing important nutrients all along the spine and throughout the body.   The good news is anyone can do Pilates.  Does not matter your age or fitness level. It’s important to start with the fundamentals and work up to more intense work.   Once you know pilates, you can do it anywhere.  Many people do mat work, which just requires a mat.  Others prefer the apparatus  which can be done at a pilates studio.  However, if you find this is the exercise for you then purchasing apparatus for your home makes good fitness sense.  Because having access to your own equipment will help you reap all the benefits of Pilates. Consistency is the key to developing a strong well balanced flexible body.   

    Give Pilates a try, it might not only change and rebalance your body, you might just fall in love with it.   For more information about health and fitness please contact Kay Colgan at Middleburg Pilates and Personal Training, 14 S Madison Street, Middleburg, Virginia or call 540-687-6995.