Council Engages Envision Loudoun

At press time the Middleburg Town Council announced that it would hold a special meeting at 6:30 PM, Thursday, May 24, at John Champe High School, 41535 Sacred Mountain Street, in Aldie.

The purpose of the meeting, according to the announcement, is “to attend, participate and provide input during the Open House related to the Envision Loudoun process and the Draft Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive plan.

Council’s regular monthly “work session,” essentially a meeting of the entire Council as a working “committee of the whole,” was moved from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM that same evening, at its regular meeting place in the Town Offices at 10 West Marshall Street.

Council urged all citizens with an interest in the future of the County and our Town to attend.

Mayor-elect Bridge Littleton has agreed to write a report giving his views on the meeting for public distribution by the Eccentric and other media.  Watch

Sale of the Town’s Iconic “Health Center” Building

A required public hearing “related to the potential sale of the Town-owned “Health Center Building,”  originally scheduled for the 6:00 PM work session on May 24 was canceled.

It will be rescheduled and the time and place advertised as required by law.

The building, on the west side of South Madison Street, was given to the town with the proviso that “profits” from its operation as a rental property would be donated to worthy charities.  At one time the Health Center served not only as home to several private businesses but as headquarters for the Middleburg Police Department.

In recent years charitable contributions formerly funded by Health Center “profits” have been augmented by money taken from the Town’s tax-based “general fund”

Shakespeare in the ‘Burg

The popular Shakespeare in the ‘Burg program, funded in part by a grant from  Middleburg’s Town Council, celebrates its fifth season in 2018.  According to a report to Council from  JoAnn Hazard, the fifth season was “our best year to date.”

The grant from the Town allowed the program to hire a professional marketing firm which led to “more exposure for both the town and our event in media outlets that had not covered this before.”

Advertising support set a new record, she noted, “with several new advertisers”

Their Saturday night performance produced the largest crowds in the history of the program.  Standing Room Only.

Their One-Act-Play competition/Sunday Brunch was a sell-out.

Shakespeare in the ‘Burg works closely with the internationally renowned Folger Shakespeare Theatre, and for 2019 hopes to expand joint efforts to include workshops and children’s performances.


Council discussed at length whether the Town’s annual July 4 Fireworks should be funded as part of Middleburg’s Economic Development program or as a separate free-standing line item in the Town Budget.  Noting that the 4th of July, like Christmas in Middleburg, was without question a boon to the local economy, Council nevertheless decided to appropriate $15,000 for fireworks as a separate line item.

Zulla Road and Route 50 Safety

Town Council Member Kevin Daly reported on a meeting with representatives of the Virginia Department of Transportation about improving safety at the intersection of Zulla Road and Route 50.

Drivers approaching Route 50 from Zulla Road all too often turn left too early onto oncoming traffic on four-lane route 50.

Middleburg Eccentric Editor-in-Chief has long been a moving force in the efforts to improve the intersection, noted that in the past week she had witnessed at least four dangerous wrong turns.

According to Daly the representatives of VDOT tended to provide mixed responses to ideas for improvements, with budget considerations often trumping what seemed to be good ideas.

On the positive side of the equation, the stop line on Zulla Road may be moved a little farther north to allow better line of sight for drivers.

Also discussed positively was the possible use of lights on the intersection’s stop signs, though, according to VDOT those lights would have to be maintained by Loudoun County.

Go Green Committee Appointments.

Former Councilmember Kathy Jo Shea and Lindsay Watts and were re-appointed to the Town’s “Go Green” Committee to terms expiring in May 2020. The Middleburg Town Council liaison to the committee is Peter Leonard Morgan

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