It seems there will be no surprises when Mayor-elect Bridge Littleton and the new Middleburg Town Council finally take their newly assigned seats in Town Hall.

What we saw during the campaign is apparently what we’ll get . . . and from our perspective, it’s good.  High minded.  Well-informed.  Civil.

The new council, even if one takes into consideration first-time new Council Member Cindy Pearson, is experienced and knows the town well.  (Pearson, of course, is no stranger.  She has served for years in key posts on  Town Staff and comes from a family with a long history of service to the town.)

That continuity, experience, and institutional memory will be further enhanced if Council appoints outgoing Council Member Mark Snyder to a post in which he can continue his long history of oversight and protection of the Town’s critical infrastructure.

The Mayor-elect promises to be an advocate for Middleburg and, indeed, all the small towns of Loudoun.

As a member of Council, he was actively engaged in monitoring (and thereby affecting) events and people at both the county and state level.  As Mayor, we have no doubt he will continue that engagement.

As we begin our fifteenth year of Council watching, we look forward to the next stages of Middleburg governance.

Route 15 is moving west.  We believe the new council is both able and willing to face the associated realities.

Keeping Us Honest

One of the hallmarks of the transition to a new Council in Middleburg can now be found on the web at

There you can watch gavel-to-gavel video coverage of Town Council proceedings, AND get copies of relevant documents and reports with a simple click.

Since we now have conclusive social-media-viral evidence that one can’t believe one’s own eyes and ears (See “blue-dress vs white dress” and “Yanny vs Laurel” ) the Eccentric will continue to be your primary source for what REALLY happened of significance . . . but thanks to you will be able to confirm (or, heaven forfend,  deny) our coverage for yourselves.

Kudos to the outgoing Council led by Mayor Betsy Davis for introducing live video coverage.  Transparency is a good thing for everyone. 

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