Hello Middleburg! I was surprised and very pleased to see the huge turnout for the town election, despite the fact that I lost by an astounding margin. I cannot remember another town election where more than 50% of the voters cast ballots.

Trowbridge Littleton ran a terrific campaign, running every aspect optimally and has my sincere congratulations.  We have spoken and I assured him that I would do everything I can to make sure he takes office poised for success. I would also like to congratulate the four of seven who won seats on council – Darlene Kirk, Peter Leonard-Morgan, Kevin Hazard and Cindy Pearson.

If the current schedules hold, our contractor (A&M Concrete) will replace the older/smaller water mains in the Ridgeview neighborhood in June (possibly into early July). We can then expect VDOT to replace residential streets there in August. Both of these projects will be dusty and disruptive. VDOT is not merely resurfacing, but digging down some ten or twelve inches to replace the roadbed and then applying new asphalt. Please feel free to contact me for help resolving issues affecting you related to these jobs.

Once Trowbridge Littleton assumes office as Mayor in July, his council seat will be vacant and council will appoint a replacement until the November election. The person elected then will hold the seat until the election in May 2020.

If council decides to appoint me, I have agreed to serve until November. After serving for twenty years and getting so few votes for mayor, I am ambivalent about running for council in November. So, I will ask my dear readers – Would you like me to run again for council in November? I will make my decision accordingly, but not without you telling me so. Please comment to me personally or through the paper soon.

I am still discussing where this column goes from here with the Eccentric, so I will keep this one short – and wait for your comments.

That is my opinion – what do you think? Do you have ideas to improve Middleburg? I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and questions!

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