One of the most often repeated fiscal memes at the regular monthly meetings of the Middleburg Town Council is genuine concern about what would happened to the town if the United States faced another recession on the scale of that of 2008.

Salamander Inn and Spa’s impact on the town’s economy is of particular concern.  When large corporations (and for that matter, government agencies) need to cut spending, among the first things to go are off-site meetings and all that go with them (meals, lodging, entertainment)

And if Salamander is affected, so will another large proportion of our business community, dependent upon similar clientele.

And if they are affected, so will be the Town’s budget and all the services and support the Town provides its citizens, business, and supporters.

Happily, and for the first time in the memory of the publishers and editors the Eccentric, Mayor Bridge Littleton and the new Town Council have not only talked about such concerns as they and the town staff work on fiscal planning for fiscal 2019 . . . they are doing something.

For the first time the Mayor and Council have established a formal group of outside, non-partisan, economic advisors to provide truly expert advice and counsel.  Finance is not everyone’s forte.  And as we’ve learned in the past, failure to pay attention to it can be disastrous.



Middleburg has long been blessed with public servants, both political and professional, totally dedicated to the well being of the town and all those, residents, merchants, friends and neighbors who make Middleburg special.

This Council and Mayor are, arguably, and so far, among the best we have experienced.

We wish them the best and will do our best to support them when and wherever appropriate . . . while never giving up our responsibility to watch them as well.


Money alone, even with competent leadership, will not guarantee the survival, much less the success of town.

Middleburg has long been blessed with citizens, merchants, friends and supporters whose contributions are above and beyond the call of duty.

Our Mayors, Council Members, Town Staff are always to be seen doing more than their formal duties require.  Name the event, the cleanup campaign, the festival, parade, or play, or concert and you’ll nearly always see nearly all of Middleburg there in force.  It’s what makes the town special

And it’s what will make 2019 special, come what may.