Welcome to Summer Middleburgers!  There are so many amazing activities to do around our little community that one could never be bored.  There’s Polo, wineries, pick-your-own, pool parties, concerts, Polo, trail rides, fireworks, food trucks, shopping and did I mention Polo?  Though never a dull moment locally, many of my favorite local summer pastimes are the organic, unorganized kind often only found around our neck of the woods.

I love a good Turtle Tote.   Recently a saw a lady in street clothes running down Route 50 who looked like her life depended on her mission.  As I was checking my surroundings trying to assess the situation just in case there was a man with a chainsaw following her, I soon realized her frantic sprint was to save a box turtle by safely moving it across the road.  Stranger, you are an inspiration and a reminder that you are never in that much of a rush to save a turtle. Thank you.  Note: always move turtles in the direction they are going.  Other note:  Approach Snappers with caution.

Every year the recipe of white vinegar, Epsom salt, and dish soap goes around social media as an eco-friendly alternative for weed control.  Anyone with a long gravel driveway or riding ring knows the pain of trying to control weeds in the summer months.  This year, I encourage you to be extra eco-friendly to bring in some fire.   You can get a blowtorch like a widget (there are many, I like the Red Dragon) with a hose that hooks up to a propane tank and just burn all the weeds away. I like to bump my chest and chant “I have made fire” like Tom Hanks in Castaway every time.  Brilliant, so fun, and perfect for when you have a craving for S’mores.

I read recently that Lymes disease may be a Bioweapon gone awry.  WTF.  ‘Round here if we’re bored this summer we can play connect the dots with our bull’s-eyes, make a garland for the entire town with all the empty Doxy bottles and start a pet-friendly co-infection club with all the diseases those bloodsuckers have brought to our community.   Please take precautions and take your bites seriously this summer, neighbors. 

Who doesn’t love a nice shady hike or trail ride in the woods?  Or taking the dogs to Goose Creek for a dip? After you put on your insect repellent to protect yourself from ticks I want to remind you to follow your nose.  If you smell fresh cut cucumbers, BEWARE- there is likely a copperhead nearby.  Don’t worry; the local hospitals generally carry antivenin.  Ask me how I know.

We have some rough road and the epic rainfall over the past year hasn’t helped.  Locals know every crack, pothole, and washboard on the roads we travel daily as well as how to navigate around them which normally means swerving or just completely driving on the wrong side of the road.   It isn’t funny because it could be potentially really dangerous, but I would love to see the expressions of some of the visitors who clank into a blind pothole or get mud splashed on their freshly waxed chariots when taking a joy ride down Foxcroft road.  I know someone on Middleburg Uncensored must have a game cam to make this happen.

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