The Town of Middleburg is seeking formal proposals for the preservation, restoration, and reuse of the Historic Asbury Church. The Town is the current owner of the property and has invested over $174,000 into the stabilization of the structure. The Town desires to transfer the property to a new owner who demonstrates the interest and capability in fully restoring, preserving, and maintaining the structure.

 The Town Council has identified four key objectives for this Request for Proposals:

Ensure the long-term preservation of the structure, including both the exterior and interior;

Ensure the new owner has the financial capability to conduct the restoration project and to keep the building in a useable, operational status for years to come;

Provide benefit to the community by celebrating the history and legacy of the church and property; and

Limit any negative impacts of its proposed use on the surrounding community and neighborhood.

 The Asbury Church is the oldest standing church in Middleburg, dating to 1829. Its storied history includes its use as a storehouse, hospital, and morgue during the Civil War; its transfer from the white Methodist congregation to the African-American Methodist Episcopal congregation in 1864; its use as a school for African-American children; and its centrality to the African-American community in Middleburg for many years until the property was placed out of active use in 1994.

 The Town is seeking proposers who wish to creatively reuse the property while meeting the Council’s goals as closely as possible. The Town Council has indicated its preference to transfer ownership of the property to the successful proposer. 

 Proposals submitted will meet a list of goals and objectives and will be evaluated on a rating system. The Town has not indicated a preferred sales price, and the financial offer for the property will be considered as the lowest-rated criteria.

 A copy of the Request for Proposals with more information can be found on the Town’s website at Proposals must be submitted to the Town by October 11, 2019.

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