Both the Middleburg Planning Commission and Town Staff, especially Deputy Town Administrator and Town Planner Will Moore acted on principle and for what they felt were the best interests of the Town at the packed September 23 Meeting of the Planning Commission.

Well aware that most if not all the friends and citizens of Middleburg opposed Commission approval, even on a conditional basis, of plans for a new development off Sam Fred Road, Moore gave his best professional advice, advising the Commission that, technically it would appear they little reason to deny at least “conditional” approval of the project, and risked litigation if they acted otherwise.

The Commission, on the other hand, felt it was honor-bound not to approve an application that, in their view, was deeply flawed, without access to input and information to make a truly informed decision, even at the risk of litigation.

The Commission, we believe, did the right thing.

We hope that the Travellers Rest/Banbury Cross applicant will do the same.

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