The past few weeks have provided textbook illustrations of “Gotcha”, a game where the media and their Democrat sycophants (or the Democrats and their media sycophants) take turns making up stories with little or no factual support, and after whipping each other into a froth, they attempt to convince the rest of us that they have uncovered nefarious behavior justifying impeachment. The classic version of the game involves seeing who can concoct a story and feign the most outrage about President Trump, but most any Republican holding a political or judicial position is seen as a legitimate target, and so we were treated in the last weeks to re-hashed, fabricated allegations against Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh. Even after these allegations were acknowledged to be baseless, calls to impeach Justice Cavanaugh persist, which highlights the entire point of the “Gotcha” game, which is to do as much damage as possible to political enemies of the Democrats by disseminating “news” stories without regard for the truth. Not surprisingly, the recent reporting on the completely unsupported allegations against Justice Cavanaugh was initiated by the New York Times, the same “news organization” that received a Pulitzer for its unsupported and often false reporting on President Trump’s non-existent collusion with the Russians in the 2016 presidential election.

Seemingly intent on further diminishing its reputation as a serious news organization, while still soaking up accolades from its friends on Capitol Hill for the damage it attempted to do to Justice Cavanaugh, the NYT this week refocused its game on its primary target, President Trump. The NYT’s most recent episode of misreporting again involves an anonymous source, this time an alleged “whistleblower” who was reported to have information on a conversation involving President Trump discussing an investigation of Joe Biden. It has since been revealed by more serious journalists that the “whistleblower” had no first-hand knowledge of President Trump’s conversation, but this inconvenient fact is of little consequence in the “Gotcha” game. The NYT and others in the media have dutifully proceeded with the delicate task of manipulating this story for the dual purpose of shielding actions and misdeeds by Joe Biden, while at the same time providing their political allies with this week’s reason to call to impeach President Trump. Given the facts we now know, the duplicity needed to accomplish both objectives is remarkable even by today’s standards. The truth is that in 2014, while Joe Biden was Vice President, he made a trip to Ukraine, and soon afterward his son Hunter, despite problems with substance abuse and no training or experience in the energy sector, attained a multi-million dollar position as a member of the board of an energy company in Ukraine.  When a prosecutor in Ukraine began an investigation into the corrupt business practices of the energy company, Joe Biden recounted that he personally and successfully intervened in the investigation of his son’s company by threatening to withhold $ I billion in US aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor in charge of the investigation was dismissed. Anyone who has not had the pleasure of watching the video and hearing this revelation in Joe Biden’s own words can go to

Joe Biden’s braggadocio confession as to how he obstructed the internal investigation of a corrupt company in a country halfway around the world that just happened to employ his son was met with a collective yawn by the media and by Biden’s friends on the Hill until this week, when an anonymous source claimed President Trump allegedly urged someone, presumably in Ukraine, to look into Biden’s actions. In the Orwellian world in which we now live, according to the media and the usual Democrat malcontents, it is not Joe Biden’s corrupt intervention in the Ukraine matter that is the wrongdoing, but instead President Trump’s suggestion that there should be an investigation into Biden’s corrupt act that is the reason de jour for why President Trump should be impeached. The same cast of media characters who have tried unsuccessfully for 3 years through conjecture, speculation and innuendo to concoct theories about corruption on the part of the Trump family are utterly disinterested in the details of the Biden family’s role in an actual corrupt business enterprise in the Ukraine (details on their billion-dollar deal with China are even more troubling).

Anyone who depends on getting objective, fact-based news by reading what is reported in the NYT or the Washington Post or listening to what is broadcast on CNN, NBC or the other networks must feel duped and disappointed daily. For the rest of us, watching the latest failed attempt by the media to play “Gotcha” and take down President Trump through unsubstantiated news reports, only to have the story backfire and expose the corruption of Joe Biden could not be more satisfying.

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