The golf swing is a very complex coordinated movement that has compressive forces close to eight times your body weight. Swinging the club repeatedly during an 18 hole game can leave your lower back sore. A well-rounded fitness program that focuses on flexibility and strength will add positive gains to your game.

  The most common site for injuries for recreational golfers in the lower back. These injuries are in part due to poor swing mechanics, striking the ground with the club, and overuse. Programs that incorporate foot and leg alignment, core strength, joint and spinal flexibility, shoulder rotation, along with arm, hand and wrist strengthening will benefit the golfer. All of these movements play a pivotal roll in the golf swing which is dependent upon the sequential kinetic transference from each body segment to the club. In an average four hour game the spine coils and uncoils 110-130 times in one direction. Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on core stability. Pilates focus is on each movement pattern. In turn, balance and stability improvements. The golf swing is based on moving from the center with alignment from the ground up. In pilates, this alignment is created and the movements are consistently repeated in a controlled environment. What makes a great golf swing is the ability to make it repeatable. With pilates, a golfer can obtain the necessary tools to improve the golf swing with reliability. Also, pilates helps to undo the spinal imbalance which is brought on by the one-sided golf swing. Pilates also really improves the strength and flexibility of core muscles. Golf is a complicated complex game. It’s also exhilarating, challenging, and fun. Play better golf by incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine.

For more information about fitness and health contact Kay Colgan at Middleburg Pilates and Personal Training at 14 S. Madison Street, Middleburg or call 540-687-6995. Enjoy the game of golf!

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