Loudoun Hunt has been part of the foxhunting tradition in Loudoun County for 125 years. Two important historical figures have played significant roles in our hunt’s history, Gov. Westmoreland Davis who served as master of Foxhounds in the early 1900’s, and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who frequently rode with Loudoun Hunt and participated in its annual horse show.

In addition to foxhunting, Loudoun and Loudoun Fairfax Hunt co-host a Point-to-Point every April at magnificent historic Oatlands. Two sidesaddle races, over jumps and on the flat, are very popular and have helped make the day the most successful in recent years. Members volunteer to prepare the course, run the event, and clean up. In true fox hunter fashion, we make a party out of our preparation.

Loudoun Hunt has a special pack of American hounds. Our huntsman, Ron Johnsey, is particularly excited about the newest additions, the first group of hounds produced from stock that Ron started in the hunt field. The hunt gives participants the opportunity to observe hounds in the field and offers hound “meet and greets” to riders and their mounts new to the sport.

Current members are from Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, and represent a wide range of occupations. Getting our youth involved in foxhunting is important and we welcome riders from different disciplines and level of experience. We have fields designed to give young or new adult riders an enjoyable introduction to foxhunting and several members serve as mentors. We welcome riders who are transitioning former show horses to their new career as a fox hunter.

Hunting begins August 31 and our days are Saturday and Monday with the occasional bye days and holidays, weather permitting.

We enjoy many social activities off the field.  September 2 is our puppy naming party, and on October 11 and 12, we hold a WV Breeders Classic Ball and social event. November 2 is our Opening Meet and Blessing of the hounds, and November 3 will enjoy our 125th Year Celebration Party. All are welcome to join us in this special year in the history of Loudoun Hunt.

Visit www.loudounhunt.com for more information.