Veterans Day 5K Run:   Just a quick heads up –  Together with Boy Scout Troop 2950, which is sponsored by American Legion Post 295, the Post will be hosting a 5K Run in the morning of 9 November 2019 in Middleburg to commemorate Veterans Day and to honor all those who have served honorably in the United States Armed Forces.  Details will be coming out soon but mark your calendars now for this terrific event! 

Membership/Hall Rentals:  If you are interested in joining Middleburg Post 295, please contact our current Post Commander, Mr. Eric Lindengren via email at or come to one of our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM.  We are located on Plains Road just across from the Sporting Museum.  As a reminder to our entire community, please consider our Patriots Hall as a venue for your future social events.   For more information on dates and fees please contact Ricky Bell at (540) 364-3550 or by email at 

Donations to Assist Veterans In Need:  Lastly, together with all other Loudoun Veterans Service Organizations, American Legion Post 295 regularly assists Veterans in need.  This assistance takes varied forms including emergency funds to pay for family necessities in an emergency. If you are interested in assisting and donating to this worthy effort please contact our current Post Commander, Mr. Eric Lindengren via email at

Profiles in Military Service – Mr. Franklin T. Payne Sr.

These “Profiles in Military Service” represent a new addition to our monthly Foxhole submissions through which we intend to highlight our citizens and their service to our great nation and our community.

Mr. Franklin T. Payne Sr. is a spry and alert 93-year-old member of American Legion Post 295 in Middleburg, Virginia, and a revered member of the community who claims to have never taken a pill.  Franklin came to Middleburg, Virginia with his parents and ten siblings in 1937.  He spent his formative years on a dairy farm just east of town, attended school in Middleburg and at the age of seventeen, he joined the United States Army Air Corps.  He had to wait for his eighteenth birthday to begin his active duty, which he did in 1944 at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  Upon his initial indoctrination and issuance of his uniforms and necessary gear, he embarked on a military train headed for Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi where he attended Basic Training and military specialty schools in aircraft maintenance and repair.  Upon completion of his training, Franklin was immediately sent to the European Theater of Operations in southern France where he was assigned as a C-47 transport crew chief with the European Air Transport System until 1947.  As a Non-Commissioned Officer and C-47 Crew Chief, Franklin was responsible for ensuring his aircraft and crew were always mission ready.  Franklin stated that the plane never took off without him aboard. On one mission, his plane lost an engine and was forced to land in Northeast France.  A replacement engine and two mechanics were sent in to assist Franklin to remove and replace the faulty engine. On another mission, the plane was almost out of fuel in southern France while headed back to home base in Nice. They were forced to land at an airport that had been bombed by the Germans but the craters had been filled in by American GIs and French citizens.  The landing was very rough with hard tarmac interrupted by soft filled in places. At the end of the war, during his European service, Franklin served in France and then in Nuremberg, Germany during the Nuremberg War Trials. 

In 1947, Franklin returned to Middleburg where he held positions in the insurance business, ran the pharmacy and then received a Presidential Appointment from President Eisenhower to serve as Postmaster in Aldie, Virginia, a position Franklin held until his retirement.  Since then, Franklin has kept busy providing transportation to folks in the Middleburg area to and from the three airports serving the Greater Washington area and to assembling and furnishing teams of people to provide parking services for a variety of public and private social events in and around Middleburg.  Franklin joined American Legion Post 295 in 1949 where he has served as Commander and led the team, which moved the Post to its current home on Plains Road.   A friendlier, more cordial person would be hard to find in the Town of Middleburg, or the Counties of Loudoun and Fauquier. Franklin T. Payne is a man for all of us to appreciate and to look up to. His exemplary Profile in Military Service has extended into his love of our community for three-quarters of a century. God Bless America and Franklin T. Payne.

Happy Birthday
United States Navy

This summary was taken from

“I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.’” – John F. Kennedy

October 13th marks the birthday of the U.S. Navy, which traces its roots back to the early days of the American Revolution. On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress established a naval force, hoping that a small fleet of privateers could attack British commerce and offset British sea power.

The early Continental navy was designed to work with privateers to wage tactical raids against the transports that supplied British forces in North America. To accomplish this mission the Continental Congress purchased, converted, and constructed a fleet of small ships — frigates, brigs, sloops, and schooners. These navy ships sailed independently or in pairs, hunting British commerce ships and transports.

Two years after the end of the war, the money-poor Congress sold off the last ship of the Continental navy, the frigate Alliance. But with the expansion of trade and shipping in the 1790s, the possibility of attacks of European powers and pirates increased, and in March 1794 Congress responded by calling for the construction of a half-dozen frigates, The United States Navy was here to stay.  With thousands of personnel serving worldwide, the U.S. Navy is a force to be reckoned with.

Loudoun County Community Veterans Engagement Board

          In August 2018, the Loudoun County Community Veterans Engagement Board (CVEB) was formed with a mission of advocacy and support for local veterans. Loudoun County CVEB enables veteran advocates, service providers, veterans and other stakeholders to work initiatives that improve service delivery to veterans, families, caregivers and survivors on a local level.

According to Jim Mullen, Chairman, the CVEB focuses on promoting a healthy and enriched lifestyle for Loudoun County Veterans and their family members through community outreach and advocacy on Loudoun County Veteran issues.  The CVEB is currently supported by 14 veteran service organizations and 12 individual members who offer a variety of support services to Veterans across Loudoun County.” 

Mr. Mullen stated, “The CVEB is focused on ensuring that issues affecting our Veterans are presented to Loudoun County, state, and U.S. government officials.” He noted that the CVEB is part of a very active support network for veterans in Loudoun County including governmental officials and elected leaders across the political spectrum. 

The Loudoun County CVEB is currently working two major initiatives.  One is improving access to VA medical services in Loudoun County.  Given our veterans currently travel to the VA Medical Center in Washington DC or Martinsburg WV for routine care, introducing telemedicine services in this area will have a positive impact for our veterans and Loudoun County as a whole.  Second, the LCCVEB is working with the VA to host a two-day Veterans Experience Action Center event in June 2020 that will allow veterans to work one-on-one with VA representatives to file their claim(s).  Besides working with VA representatives on their claims, veterans will also have an opportunity to hear from local, state, and VA representatives about issues of importance to them.  According to Mr. Mullen, “The Loudoun County CVEB is excited to offer this program to over 20 thousand veterans and their dependents (over 60 thousand total) that reside in Loudoun County.  It’s important for our veterans to know there is an organization that is working to better the care and services they receive in Loudoun County.” 

Any Loudoun County resident who has an interest in the welfare of Loudoun County veterans, active duty military and their family members, government agencies, schools, churches, civic groups, and other community organizations is welcome to take part in identifying issues of importance to our local veterans.  For more information on the Loudoun County CVEB, go to:

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