O.K. I hope my human Tom does not get mad at me for bringing up this subject, but here it goes.

The human world is obsessed with living other people’s stories, be it on social media, or movie streaming service. Humans are in great need of feeling. The world is so fast, especially when you’re a dog. Try living seven years in one human year. Exhausting!

My human Tom never stops working, but when he does, he sits and watches movies and Netflix series and sometimes he sits there and cries or laughs so hard it sounds like he’s hurt himself.

Now, I know Tom deals with a lot of emotion during the day because of his job, so watching “shows” is a release for him, but some of his friends talk about spending hours a day watching stories that are not their own. I’ve noticed so many humans are glued to stories about triumph, suspense, competition, and gossip. Some humans spend more time watching other people’s lives than paying attention to their own. Tom says that this is why so many short videos go viral on social media and You-tube because people are desperate to release emotion. Whether you’re watching two toddlers of different skin tone hugging each other, or someone being surprised by their Dad coming home from war, or just watching a performance for the tenth time of a singer from one of the many T.V. talent competitions humans look for moments that awaken their own emotions.

It’s easy to get stuck just “doing” day in and day out and not take time to connect with others to make your own moment happen. I think all of these options are great for entertainment and for releasing emotions, but I think the world is spending too much time worrying about characters that are fictional or rooting for people in competitions that really will have no impact on their everyday life. I guess it’s all balance really, that we can search for something beyond our own lives to remind us we are emotional creatures. I suppose as a dog, I do the same when I watch animal planet.

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