Public interviews for Vacant Council Seat

Public interviews were held to fill the inner room vacancy on the town council, a seat left by Kevin Hazard. Three town residents submitted their interest in filling the vacant seat, Susan Hensley, Bud Jacobs, and Don Woodruff.  After deliberation, the council choose Bud Jacobs to fill the vacant council seat until the special election on May 5, 2020.

Update from VDOT Crosswalk Repairs

Danny Davis, Middleburg Town Administrator opened with a short background of the situation. Due to cracking concrete on the retaining edges of 16 of 22 crosswalks installed by VDOT three years ago, the town asked VDOT in June to review the situation in depth to figure out what was going with the crosswalks. VDOT presented the Council with its findings in a report.

VDOT found that all the crosswalks that were failing had been patched shortly after there installation, three years prior. The reason the patches were made in the first place was due to esthetic concerns, nicks in the concrete that were made by an asphalt milling machine. The patch consisted of removing the nicked sections of concrete from the newly poured crosswalks and laminating a new slab of concrete to the removed section.

The council raised major concerns over the patching vs. replacing of the crosswalks and time the repairs would take, do to the disruption of business the construction would cause. VDOT estimated that the road around the repairs would have to be closed for a minimum of 36 hours and the patching the crosswalks was a better chouse given VDOT’s proven track record with this type of repair.

Well “L”

The town is currently looking at the pricing to bring well “L” back online, they are considering the use of stainless steel piping that has a life expressivity two to three times that of galvanized piping. Well “L”, located in the northwest section of the town, suffered a piping failure in the last few weeks. The existing piping failed and dropped the pump and the piping to the bottom of the well casing. Several attempts were made to recover the pump and piping with no avail. It was determined it could be left where it was and cause no issues in the hanging a new pump. The town is hoping to have well “L” back online in the next few weeks.

Community Shred

The Town held a community shred on the 9th of November.  A majority of the shredding was Town documents that were eligible for destruction under state regulations. There were quite a few citizens that took advantage of the shred. All toll 8,000 pounds of documents were shredded.

Fiscal Policies and Financing Plan Amendment

The Strategic Finance committee has been reviewing the Town’s current financial situation and policies. The Gole of this is to position the town well if and when there is an economic downturn. The committee made three suggestion that was adopted by the town council.

The first being the debt to the assessed value currently at 5% should be brought to around 3% to be optimal. Second debt services to expenditures current 15%  should be moved to 20% and lastly, the unassigned fund balance should be increased to 125% of the operating budget.

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