It all started with a vision of The Middleburg Arts Council, and the town of Middleburg to bring more art and sculpture to the streets of this small town. The initiative to commission a large bronze fox sculpture was born, one of our most enduring symbols of our town. One person came to mind for this endeavor, a teacher, a sculptor and resident artist, Goksin Carey. She is truly loved and admired by all and has put her heart and soul into this project. The AIM Gallery, known to support all artists in Middleburg hosted Goksin Carey and her clay sculpture for several weeks while the six-foot fox came to life. The Middleburg Garden Club a large contributor to this project was delighted to see native flora and fauna at the base of the fox created by the artist just for the love of horticulture. The next journey for this beloved fox was the foundry where the process of becoming a famous bronze sculpture was well on its way. We all get to adore this beautiful sculpture sitting at its new home with the cooperation of the Middleburg Community Center. We are very grateful to, The Town of Middleburg, The Middleburg Garden Club, Middleburg Community Center, Virginia Marble and Granite, Crème de la Crème Imports, LLC, The Cadenas Family, Jason and Melissa Craig, Vivian Warren, and of course Goksin Carrey, Sculptor and Erju Ackman, Project Manager & Engineer.

Please join us for the big reveal and dedication, on the steps of the Middleburg Community Center, on December 7th Saturday at 12:30 pm. When the fox is presented to the town of Middleburg for all to enjoy for years to come.

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