Special Recognition by Mayor and Council

William F Swan and James Smith were recognized for their role and courage in the process of desegregation in the Town of Middleburg.

In late February 1961, Loudoun County was racially divided, as much of the south was at the time. President Kennedy was visiting Middleburg regularly. There were no restaurants for African Americans in Loudoun County; most often, they were served a rear door of the establishment.

Mr. Swan and Mr. Smith chose to sit at the counter of Flournoy’s Drug Store to test the new civil rights they had been given. They were refused service, Local chapter of the NAACP announced they would organize a mass sit-in at Middleburg’s three restaurants, the same day President Kennedy attended mass at the Middleburg Community Center.

The Minister that preformed the mass, Rev. Albert F. Pereira and Mayor Edwin Reamer, did not want to “embarrass the president or give the town a bad name.” The two spoke with the local businesses, and on April 9, 1961, “two local black customers sipped colas at Flournoy’s lunch counter.” Making Middleburg the first lunch counter desegregation Town in Virginia. For a full accounting of this story, visit https://www.loudounhistory.org/history/civil-rights-middleburg-va/.

Christmas in Middleburg in Review

Jim Hebert, Chairman of Christmas of Middleburg, presented an in-depth report about the event to Council. The report found the day went very well, with very few flaws, and the overall community perception was positive from a residential, business, and visitor aspect. The biggest issue was a miscommunication of how the Police should give priority to parking shuttle buses over the general Rt 50 traffic. The shortage of busses caused a safety issue when people choose to walk from the parking area down the shoulder of Rt 50 when there were no buses to take them the mile and half to Town.  Herbert said that plans are being put in place to handle the safety issue for next year’s parade.

Staff Reports Highlights

Utilities, there is a March 2 target date to have Well 4 completely ready to bring online when needed.

The joint towns RFP for waist management is on the street.

Economic Development Strategy held a business round table on February 12, 2020. The made recommendations will be drafted and presented to the EDAC committee at the March meeting.

Treasures Report – Meals and TOT Revenue are exceeding expectations.

US Census

Middleburg and Aldie have the worst Census participation rates in Loudoun County. The Town hopes to use its resources to aid in getting the word out to assist in the improvement of the participation numbers.

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