Despite the coronavirus, our topic this month is the current state of the presidential primaries, and obviously the focus is on the Democrats.  I will resist commenting on the “resurgence” of Joe Biden or pointing out that most anyone who has watched the decline of an aging family member will recognize certain behaviors exhibited by the Democrat front runner, bless his heart.  Mr. Biden deserves our compassion, not our votes.

More interesting is that Mr. Biden is now the front runner because the Democrat party awoke to find that its erstwhile front runner, Bernie Saunders, is a socialist (gasp!) Who could have seen that coming?  I am both incredulous and amused to watch Democrats on the Hill and in the media feign surprise that their party is again on the brink of nominating an avowed socialist for President.  “How can this be?” they ask, “how could this happen?”  This from a political party that has for the past 75 years embraced every leftist, socialist, oftentimes outright communist notion to present itself.  Socialists have long understood that controlling “the message” is essential to achieving political power, and so for the past several decades the education/media complex, dominated by Democrats, has given the public a steady diet of pro-socialist, anti-capitalist, blame America rhetoric.  From pre-k to high school, students are indoctrinated with a disdainful view of America, its contribution to humanity and the role of capitalism in lifting billions of people out of poverty.  Our children move on to college where they are subjected to “instruction” from radical political activists who are now tenured professors such as Bernadine Dorn, Angela Davis and William Ayers, and America-haters such as Frances Piven and Ward Churchill, where students are expected to regurgitate the wonders of the Cuban health care system and recite how Chinese Communists are the world leaders on environmental issues.  Jane Fonda was (and is still) lauded by Democrats for giving aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese communists, Democrats praise artwork depicting President Obama in a Leninist style, Michael Moore is given awards for his movies bashing capitalism as he rakes in millions for his propaganda.   President Obama’s White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, referred to Chairman Mao as one of her favorite political philosophers; Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened oil company executives with a Venezuelan-style government take-over of their industry, and let us not forget Senator Ted Kennedy working with the Soviets to undermine and defeat President Reagan.  I could go on for pages with examples of how the Democrat party during my lifetime has encouraged, defended, subsidized, made excuses for and endorsed socialist/communist regimes in eastern Europe, Cuba, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  At home, Democrats have pushed relentlessly for ever bigger government, centralized control of our economy and centralized control of our political system. They attack our founders, the Constitution and capitalism as they cultivate resentment and envy for those who have worked hard and been successful.  Democrats advocate for a socialist utopia where they will control income redistribution and punish successful citizens with confiscatory taxes to pay for “free” health care for anyone, including non-citizens; a utopia where someone else pays for “free” meals, college tuition, transportation and housing; and where the entire economy operates as if by magic without the use of   hydrocarbons.  Not a single prominent Democrat has had the courage to speak out in any meaningful way on this socialist nonsense.

So back to the primaries.  After working tirelessly for decades to assemble all the pro-socialist parts needed to build the Bernie Franken-candidate in their basement laboratory, the Democrat establishment inexplicably seemed shocked after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary to see “Its Alive!!”.  While the Party brought out the long knives and quickly eliminated Bernie as a candidate for a second time, they did so because they concluded he is unelectable, not because they disagree with his core beliefs and policies.  Bernie Sanders is simply the personification of all that the Democrats have come to represent, and Democrats should not be shocked that all their work with the media, the teachers unions and college professors to put a friendly face on socialism has been so successful that a generation of 20-somethings is prepared to vote for this monstrosity.    

You would think that after two near-misses with having Bernie as their candidate, if Democrats were truly concerned by the socialist takeover of their Party they would perhaps engage in some introspection and reflection on how their policies and practices over the past 50 years have been their own worst enemy.  I feel certain that after several sessions of group meditation, aided by the use of crystals, perhaps sitting in a non-hierarchical, gender-neutral circle and using other Democrat-approved methods of problem solving, they could identify their mis-steps and accept responsibility for what they have done to their Party.  Instead, it is more likely they will come to the only conclusion they seem capable of these days: Its Trump’s Fault! 


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