Often in presidential election years, the question is, should we let the incumbent have a chance to finish what he started?

I don’t think we can extend that grace to Donald J. Trump.

Of course, if one agrees with a President, supported by Russian interventionists, who defers to Russian President Putin, alienates our allies, literally shoves a foreign dignitary out of the way for a world leader photo shoot, favors dictators, orders the assassination of an Iranian military leader, breaks our trade and climate change and nuclear treaties, walks away from military commitments in the mid-East, usurps the powers of Congress, packs the courts with unworthy ideological lackeys, ignores the constitution and the law, engages in trash talk, slander and boorish behavior, conducts public business on twitter, appoints undeserving cabinet officers and “acting” aides, holds back military equipment from Ukraine in exchange for interference in the current presidential election, is impeached for doing so, establishes Fox “News” as a propaganda machine for his Administration, when they are not telling him what to say or do, and mishandles and misleads us about the coronavirus pandemic that has crushed our stock market, declaring on January 22nd, “we have it [the virus] under control, then Donald J. Trump is your Man.

There’s a yearning in the nation for respect in public and private disagreement, for a more professional demeanor in the way we speak and write, to communicate important matters of state in the right media, a hunger for regular order, for normalcy, an aversion to chaos, a preference for our leaders to follow the law and the constitution, a hope we shall re-set our nation, resume the standards by which the nation once functioned, even if imperfectly, as it appeared to do so, before there was a Donald Trump, a failed casino operator, and reality tv star, on the political stage.

There’s an exchange that fits from Robert Bolt’s, “A Man for all Seasons,” in which Sir Thomas More’s son in law, William Roper, advised More that he should take the oath that King Henry VIII demands though it offends More’s religious beliefs. 

More objects that Roper would cut down every law to get at the devil.  Roper confirms it, “Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!”

More answers, “Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned … And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?”

This is our challenge.

Our laws are being torn down, our constitution is being ignored.

It’s not Republican or Democratic to ignore the law and the constitution. 

Even Richard Nixon, after violating the law, found he had to respect the process that led to his resignation.

When Vice President Joe Biden announced he was running, almost immediately, dark forces were set in motion by Trump and those in the loop to bribe the Ukraine President to conduct a faux investigation of Senator Joe Biden, a “favor,” to gain electoral advantage in the presidential election and, should Ukraine not cooperate, well, then they wouldn’t get the $391 million in military aid to protect them against the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. 

But a whistle blower alerted the nation to the plot.

Did Trump succeed anyhow?

During the Presidential primaries, Biden struggled to get his footing, anything like momentum, so perhaps this dirty trick did its work.

In recent days, we learned from Trump’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) that the Russians were interfering in our election, favoring Senator Bernie Sanders.    

At his rallies, Trump encouraged his followers, to cross over and vote for Sanders in the Democratic primaries and caucuses. 

And that’s where the race turned toward Joe.

Despite these efforts to interfere in the Dem primary, Biden exploded with a lead in South Carolina over Sanders by about 30 points.

He made the choice clear – he said, “Talk about revolution isn’t changing anyone’s life,” and “We need real changes, right now.”

The choice for Super Tuesday was revolution or re-set.

With South Carolina in his rear view mirror, other candidates deferred to Biden, suspended their campaigns and supported him, namely, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

Joe took the lead, in delegates, and he did so with little money in his campaign coffers, and, closer to home, here in Virginia, he had only one campaign office in the entire state.

This hunger for comity, for a reset, rather than a revolution, brought out the public in record numbers including many Republicans and Independents who don’t think Trump should have another chance.  JPF

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