We are living in a scary time at present. Most of us have never been through anything like it, and the uncertainty is a little overwhelming. However, during this time, it is most important to keep healthy bodies and minds, show kindness to your neighbors and communities and pay attention and show gratitude to the folks that are trying to keep the country safe. And always, live like you were a Goonie.

I’m proudly from The Goonies movie generation, and maybe now more than ever, the iconic 1985 teen classic has an impactful theme for our village. For those who haven’t seen The Goonies, I highly recommend doing so during your Coronavirus downtime. The story is based on a group of kids who go on a treasure hunt to save their neighborhood, the Goon Docks, from greed and development. To the core, Goonies are committed to friendship, community, and winning the battle of good vs. evil. Middleburgers, I think in so many ways, we are Goonies.

We all have a correlating cast of Goonies in our lives. Chunk, the tall taler who can laugh at himself. Data with his problem-solving optimism and slick shoes. Brand, the guy that wants to be the hero. Mouth, the know it all who wants the spotlight. Andy the slut and her wing-woman BFF Steph that never gets a second glance at present but will look much better at 40 than her loose friend. Sloth, the one who is always misunderstood but has a heart of gold. The villainous Fratelli family and their no-good ways. And then there is Mikey. Mikey is the loyal, heroic underdog that always gets overlooked, but his goodness saves the day. We should all strive to be Mikeys. We are an ensemble cast here in Middleburg, and there are little pieces of Goonies in all of us.

I am so refreshed that during this challenging time of social distancing, our neighbors are digging deep and helping out. From offering to deliver goods to those in need to sharing toilet paper to still getting that morning cuppa coffee and ordering takeout to help keep our local establishments going. We are all here for each other. In what other village can you find such support? Just another reason why Middleburg and her peeps are so awesome. Thank you all. Keep the lights shining, Goonies.

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