Wow! Is it April? Or February? Or Christmas? What has happened to the time? I am very aware that something disturbing and scary has happened to your human world, and I want to say on behalf of all of us dogs, we are sorry. I must confess I have loved the last couple of months because Tom is home all the time. Since this whole crazy virus thing started, I decided to bond even closer to him. I follow him everywhere, to the kitchen, into his bed, on the couch, in the yard, and even to the bathroom – the bathroom is new for me. Having him home all the time has been one of the best treats I have ever had. As many of you in town know, Tom walks me at least four times a day. Recently we walk sometimes six to seven times a day. I think I’m wearing him out!

It’s funny since he’s been home all the time. I have seen Tom change. He was always on the go and trying to be productive. He has an overachiever problem, and I think he has anxiety when he slows down. Now, he is still productive, but he takes more time for himself, playing piano, meditating, and talking on the phone to old friends. Tom noticed something he had never seen before. Since he has had some extra time to sit and take in the world around him, he began to watch a Cardinal family in the backyard every morning. He decided to build a birdhouse for them, offering them a new home. As a Therapist, he has also worked with his clients from his computer. To be honest, he did watch an annoying Netflix show, something about tigers and someone named Carol Baskin. I don’t know what that was about. One day he read me his journal entry, and it talked about the world-changing into a better place where humans take their time and appreciate what they have. He also said that this is the time to be grateful for the smallest things in life. I was hoping he was talking about me. I think he was.

I am sure as humans staying inside the house is irritating, at least you have a bathroom at your convenience. But, from what I have witnessed, humans have an opportunity even to be closer and greet each other with more understanding when you are all allowed out. Tom also decided a few weeks back to stop listening to the news. He would read an update and then turn on music and do something that made him happy, like cuddling with me. I hope all of you get back to your lives, but just like us dogs, perhaps you might enjoy the moment with a little more consciousness and gratitude, just don’t follow your human into the bathroom.

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