COVID 19 presents a serious public health menace to our nation, but the fear instilled by our “leaders” and the media seems intentional and without perspective.  Outbreaks of this type are not unprecedented: the Asian flu of 1957, Hong Kong flu of 1968-69, severe acute respiratory syndrome (“SARS”) in 2002-04, and the H1N1 “swine flu” in 2009, to name only a few.  I am old enough to be “at risk” with regard to COVID, but I also remember 1968-69 and the massive anti-war protests and Woodstock, and as a nation we survived both without “social distancing”.

We are told to trust the “experts”, but from day to day the story keeps changing.  First we were told that eventually we would all be exposed to the virus, but that we had to endure shut-down orders and other measures to “flatten the curve”, so that our health care system was not overwhelmed.  Now that the curve has been flattened, however, the bar has been raised and we are told we are confined to our homes until it is “safe”.  COVID 19 has presented the country with difficult choices to be made, but one fact is inescapable- nothing can eliminate the virus and make us all “safe”.  The experts we are told to trust seem clueless: Dr. Fauci told us on March 8, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”, yet now the same expert tells us masks are mandatory.  On the advice of experts, the mayor of NYC and governor of NY initially downplayed the virus and encouraged people to ride the subways and go to the movies. Later the same governor of NY, presumably on the advice of experts, decreed that nursing home facilities must admit COVID positive patients, with the result that the infection and death rates in NY skyrocketed and skewed the statistics for the entire country.  Why should we trust these people and their experts?  Based on their suppositions and computer models, they have instilled fear and imposed wrongheaded policies that have resulted in 40 million people unemployed, tens of thousands of businesses have closed, the economy in a tailspin and trillions of dollars have so far been added to the national debt, and still there have been COVID casualties.  Like swatting flies in a china shop with a sledgehammer, the adverse results of their policies were easily predictable.

With certain states reopening, we now have empirical evidence that shows the “experts” advocating draconian shutdown policies were completely wrong.  Instead of reversing course, however, the governors of the states (primarily Democrat states) that embraced the most harmful policies have ignored the empirical evidence and seem committed to continuing their strong arm tactics.  Why? Why are the Democrats so invested in failed policies that have caused so much misery for so little benefit?

Leading Democrats have recently answered that question by resorting to one of their favorite maxims “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  They view the misery of others as an opportunity to be leveraged for political advantage.  By fearmongering and intentionally attempting to scare the hell out of the entire country, they have silenced dissent and seized powers never imagined. We are fond of saying we a nation of laws and that no one is above the law.  It is axiomatic that laws are a function of the legislature, yet without so much as a serious legislative debate, governors across the country, including our own, decree by “executive order” what we citizens shall and shall not be permitted to do. With no regard for the Constitution, they decree by “order” where we can go, who we can associate with, that we may not attend church, that we can be deprived of our livelihoods, and that we may not engage in commerce.  Citizens who protest the legitimacy and the efficacy of these orders have been arrested and denounced as selfish rabble-rousers, and we are advised to be obedient, unquestioning citizens who willingly consent to home confinement. Facebook and Twitter censor those who question or protest against these big-brother tactics.

Through fear and intimidation Democrats at the national level are attempting to use this “crisis” to reorder our society and create a “new normal” that rejects capitalism in favor of increased dependency on government.  Joe Biden stated recently that this crisis is a chance for Democrats to re-write the social compact, meaning the balance of power between liberty and the authority granted by the citizens to the government, with the obvious intention by Democrats of completing Barak Obama’s goal of “fundamentally transforming” our nation.   Why “fundamentally transform” the most prosperous, generous, egalitarian nation on the planet?  To look more like Venezuela?   We are already being treated to a taste of this Democrat utopia as we wait on line and scavenge for toilet paper as though America is now East Germany circa 1953.  Undaunted, the Democrat message is clear: just stay home, work is not required, the government will provide money and healthcare, and anyone who disagrees is dangerous, heartless and mean.  Is there any doubt they seek to keep the economy depressed into the presidential election season?  By manipulating a fearful and compliant citizenry, the attempt at “fundamental transformation” is apparent in the “COVID relief” legislation drafted by Democrats, that seeks to implement transformative measures such as mail-in voting and “ballot harvesting” for elections, virtually guaranteeing voter fraud; the release of criminals from jails and prisons;  cash payments to illegal immigrants;  millions of taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood; and an attempt to use tax revenues extracted from citizens of fiscally responsible states to “bail out” the reckless and irresponsible blue states such as California, where apparently it is OK to go to the liquor store and defecate on a public street, but you are considered a public health risk if you visit a beach or make a play date for your child with a neighbor.

I am repulsed by the barrage of ads on TV and radio telling us to put on a cheery face, obey and stay home, that we are “all in this together”.  We are not all in this together.  I have a business that requires me to pay expenses and salaries of employees despite the orders issued by the state.  I have little in common with public employees who can stay home, collect a paycheck and at some point return to a taxpayer-funded job.  I have nothing against these folks, but as a business owner, in no way do I feel we are “in this together”, any more than I feel I am in this together with the Hollywood celebrities or political elites such as Nancy Pelosi who have banked their millions and can ride out the storm in comfort while lecturing the rest of us about the virtues of participating in economic suicide.  It is not my civic duty to sit passively at home on my couch, obediently wearing a mask and ordering pizza 3 times a week. I will not accept the Democrat’s “fundamental transformation” of America and the “new normal” of dependency on the government at the expense of our individual liberties.

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