On March 9, 2020 I was privileged to listen to the Director of the National Drug Control Policy (the “Drug Tsar” by another name), James Carroll, and his personal staff, at the Path Foundation in Warrenton. This afternoon well spent brought home to me one single important fact. We are all so fortunate to have Bob Mosier as Sheriff of Fauquier County. The gathering highlighted the lead that Fauquier has taken in combating the drug problem, thanks totally to the incredible skill and tenacity of Sheriff Mosier’s fine Deputies. They have set a unique example not just to the Commonwealth of Virginia, but the United States. The President’s lead on drugs recognized what has been achieved in Fauquier by an integrated community approach.  Our Deputies are exemplars of implementing national rural community action plans for defeating the drug pushers while showing the necessary balance between law enforcement and humanity to those who are the victims of those making millions out of an evil and deadly criminal practice. At the heart of this success is one word – Leadership. Thank you Sheriff Bob and your great team. Let me turn to another fine example of leadership, John Lesinski, a retired United States Marine Corps Colonel, who I have got to know and am supporting, not out of blind and devil-may-care partisanship, but because he represents the best qualities that our country produces in fine leaders. He’s running for the 5th Congressional District in November, and his policies are those of unity, not of divisiveness, not of reckless party loyalty against all odds and self evident facts, but of solid, unequivocal, and abiding commitment to the best interests of our Virginia community. He’s demonstrated to me that his life has been about commitment and service, not self aggrandizement and personal benefit. His policies reflect solid, realistic, and achievable goals on Capitol Hill, not playing to the 5th District gallery with unattainable and unaffordable programs that serve no purpose other than to fire up an electoral base with false promises. Examine his proposals in a cool, calm, collected, and non partisan way. They unite us all. They are not fly-by-night, unreliable, and at one serious level, untrustworthy promises. Jobs for the rural community, health care, protecting the environment, infrastructure, and balancing individual rights with constructive laws based on the fundamentals of the Constitution are at the center of the Lesinski campaign. Please take a look at what this accomplished leader offers, and make up your own mind, the incumbent, or, a man well proven in every important domain of our lives. I am with him, to the end. Moving to our national crisis we all face as a community, and a nation, the challenge of our lifetime. We will endure; it’s in the American DNA. But overcoming the COVID19 epidemic comes back in my opinion to one thing, the “L” word mentioned above. This involves everyone, and in particular the brave and courageous medical professionals who are on the “front line”. They are taking risks, 24/7, protecting you and me. Many, along with the patients they seek to heal, are dying. That is sacrifice. Let me dwell on the past for hope, not some forlorn grasping at straws, at worst blind nostalgia for a bygone age, rather for example and inspiration. In World War Two Winston Churchill created in the midst of the greatest challenge of the twentieth century a singular, undivided, and non partisan “Coalition Government”, dedicated to one goal, defeating Adolph Hitler and the Nazi menace. He was not about self, about egotism on steroids, about puffed up and arrogant claims and promises that did not reflect fact. Remember his speech of May 13, 1940, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He worked with his Labor Party opposite numbers in totally non partisan ways, sharing equal responsibility, until final victory in 1945. Is there not a lesson here? Let’s also reflect on one of the great sacrifices of the last century. On June 6, 1944 150,000 young American, British, and Canadian men stormed ashore on the Normandy beaches. On that one extraordinary day of valor, unrelenting commitment and loyalty to the cause, 4,414 young and brave Americans, British, and Canadians gave their lives, including the 19 “Bedford Boys”, from Bedford, here in Virginia, a small town that lost more men on D-Day than any community in the world. The message is simple, but enduring. Sacrifices are made in order that the world can be a better place. Leadership is transcendental. The values that Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan espoused are still with us today. They are  here, in our beloved community, alive and well, amongst our doctors and nurses, our emergency medical technicians and firefighters, our law enforcement officers, and those serving in multiple capacities to ensure that we defeat the pandemic enemy. Above all else, it takes leadership, and the quality of leadership that unites and transcends differences, united in a single cause, to defeat not Adolf Hitler and the Japanese, but a pervasive, malignant virus. I am totally confident that we can overcome this new enemy, with unity of purpose, well led, and undivided by partisanship.

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