I have only once before submitted (10-10-17 Letter to the Editor) and you published my response to an article in the Middleburg Eccentric dating back to Sept. 28 – Oct. 26, 2017, concerning the character of the “then-new” merger between Access Bank and Middleburg Bank to which I responded with my bottom line … “all you non-affluent consumers out there, might want to change to Clarke [the bank] too … I too want only a bank for “all the people” – not just the affluent – and I would hope that the affluent would also want the same for “all the people.”

Here, on a more positive note, I wish to respond to the wonderful article appearing in the Eccentric April 30 – May 28, 2020, edition by Kerry Phelps Dale on “JK Community Farm.” I personally have been meaning to write Chuck Kuhn, since back at the very end of January, when I first learned of his acquisition of Airmont Meadows Farms. But like most of life in our current environment, I did not find the time to do so. However, I thought I would use this public platform to personally thank Mr. Kuhn for that acquisition and his intent to place the same in conservation, as he has so generously done with many properties.

Through Mr. Kuhn’s acquisition, he has saved myself and my neighbors from this “would-be” development of 24 residential lots, where neighboring properties would have suffered lower water tables and Lord knows how much damage through septic fields, not to mention the added traffic and noise out in our very rural setting on Snickersville Turnpike.

We certainly do appreciate these conservation measures, in addition to all you and daughter Samantha Kuhn are doing for the community. This would be a far better world we live in with more incredibly generous folks like yourselves, who although very affluent, share your wealth with “all the people.”

I hope someday to meet you and personally thank you!

Kathleen Hampton
Round Hill