Reopening Update

The Governor of Virginia extended Executive Order 62, until at least May 28. Loudoun County and the Town of Middleburg business will continue to operate under the Phase Zero of the current restrictions.   Further information can be found at

Town Election Changes

The Town Elections initially scheduled for May 5, have been postponed to  June 4, due to the COVID-19 emergency. The Town encourages all voters to vote absentee, if possible. Otherwise, social distancing measures will be in effect at the Town Office on election day. Further information can be found at

Brewery Proposal

Scott Buzzelli and Brian Yarnal presented their proposed plan to open a brewery in partnership with Vanish Brewery, two miles to the east of Middleburg town limits.  They plan to open in March 2021. Further information can be found at

Well 4

Well 4, is now back online and producing water after months of issues. The well is currently going through and upgraded back-flushing process that has caused discoloration of water in the wells service area. In an attempt to minimize the discoloration, the Town is planning to do hydrant flushing before the planed well backwash to mitigate the issue.

Economic Development

The Town has been assisting businesses to apply for Loudoun County’s Business Interruption fund. Twenty businesses applied for the funding. To date, only one business qualified and received funding.

The Country has discussed a second round of funding; the Town will again assisting businesses that wish to apply, if and when a second round of funding does become available.

Farmers Market

The farmers market now has twelve vendors and seems to be going strong and growing. The market has been moved the Sporting Libary Parking lots on Saturday mornings for the near future. The market will be both drive-through and pedestrian-friendly. The Town plans to improve the wayfinding signage around Town over the next few weeks to inform people about the change in venue. Further information can be found at

Salamander Reopening

Salamander has plans to reopen in mid-June, baring any changes to the State’s reopening plan. They are expecting the demand for the reopening to be high and very positive. Further information can be found at

Forth of July

The Town has made a choice not to have firework on the 4th. The primary concern that was cited by council members was public safety. There will be an ongoing discussion as to the possibility of another date to have them.

Hill School Boundary
Line Adjustment

The Hill School has approached the Town about being brought into the Town limits. The school currently has about 140 achers. Town staff is looking into the feasibility to move forward with the boundary line adjustment and will return there finding shortly.