Nobody knows the importance of touch like a dog. Humans also benefit from our furry, cute, and undeniable nature. Since the Corona Virus invaded your world, all of you humans have a deficit of touch in your lives. Touch is important to connection and to bonding with another. That is why you love to pet us dogs and cuddle with us when you need that extra something. When Tom and I use to walk through town, we would stop maybe five or ten times, usually to hug someone, or kiss someone on the cheek, or to shake hands with a total stranger. That all has stopped, and it makes me sad, and I know it makes Tom sad too. He has been petting me a lot more. Lately, I noticed, and I love it, but I know he misses his human companions.

I was worried about humans before this situation because of all the time you spend on computers and phones and how you all rush around like someone stole your kibbles. Now, you are no longer rushed, but only have the screen in front of you and have had to step back from real human connection. I have something to tell you. We dogs have a sense about us far beyond anything humans can sense, a knowing. I know this horrible situation is almost over for you. Now, it might take some months, but when it is over, you will connect in a higher way, almost like how some of you feel when you are with us animals. There will be an intuitiveness, a gentleness, compassion, and empathy on a higher level because of what you have endured and grown out of. And touch will feel like a new sensation. A hug will feel like a brand-new dog bone. A handshake like a squeaky toy and a kiss like a piece of steak dropped from a fancy brunch at a Hunt breakfast. Humans will be ready to reunite and begin to heal with each other.

  As a dog, I take nothing for granted, especially being a rescue dog. Boy, did I have a hard life before Tom and Middleburg. I feel this time that you humans are all living is like how I felt back then when I was abused and unsure of my future. I never knew what was next for me, and I wondered if there would be a tomorrow. But I believed someone would come and hold me one day, hug me, and let me sleep at his feet. He came. He is my Tom. I know this will happen for all of you. A better day! One day soon, you will be able to be near someone you love without worrying, you will be able to kiss someone you love, like your grandmother, you will be able to hold hands, allow people to see you smile, and walk into a large gathering and know you are safe. You all deserve that, but for the time being on behalf of all your furry friends – Use us! Hug us! Connect with us! Love us! Touch us!


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