As summer began, I noticed that all of us, even dogs are in the midst of so much change. The Corona Virus has altered human and canine lives in a profound way. Then, within the last month there has been great passion over race and equality. I am sorry, yet excited for humans, because this all means on the other side of this upheaval is the chance for a better, more grateful and meaningful life – something we dogs are already good at. We don’t let a scrap of food fall to the floor without being thankful for that moment.

But the change I want to talk about is with me. I would like to see if any of you can identify. I’ll not beat around the bush (by the way there is a great bush for bathroom time out in front BB&T bank). I digress. Anyways, I am becoming older and my human, Tom worries about it more than I do. Don’t get me wrong I still can walk close to five miles a day, but I am 11 years old in human years, which makes me 77 years old in dog years. I have been losing my vision, my stomach isn’t like it used to be, and my hips kind of hurt after we walk. Though, I choose to walk then just sit and listen to t.v. or hear Tom sing the same song over and over again at his piano.

  Dogs don’t worry about this sort of thing very much, because we are creatures that live in the moment. But I do wake up confused at times and Tom has to call for me several times before I hear him. I wish they made hearing aids for dogs. All of this for me is not a problem, but I see and feel Tom worry about me. I try to tell him not to, but he loves me so much and I know he is worried about me leaving him. I try to tell him I have a long time more to be with him. Change is hard and just like the world our bodies and our souls are in constant adjustment. I know it feels much more secure to know what to expect or for things we count on to stay consistent, but then there wouldn’t be personal or global evolvement. I am changing, and yes getting old, but that makes me even want to become closer to Tom and to all the other humans that love me. And as for the massive changes in your human world, you all will get thru it and be better for it. Alright, I’m off to BB&T – It’s that time. Love to you all and remember, you may be growing older, but there is nothing old about the moment you’re living in.