We live in very strange times where a significant segment of our society seems to have fallen into Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole, and now like Alice, live in a fantasy world where up is down, and bad is good. In America today, that alternate reality has been constructed by leftists in politics, academia, and the media, who tell us incessantly that America is bad, and that socialism and anarchy are good.  Buying into this nonsense requires a high degree of cognitive dissonance. For example, since the moment President Trump was elected, the liberal’s political/academic/media machine began the narrative that the President is undisciplined and a threat to civil society, at the same time proclaiming that the leftists and Antifa forces are in reality the guardians of our civil liberties as they took to the streets to riot, block free speech on college campuses, physically assault anyone wearing a MAGA hat, harass members of the Trump administration at work, at their homes, and in restaurants; and generally declare war on their political adversaries. The history of the past century and the 100 million dead at the hands of communist/socialist governments are simply forgotten. Instead, we are sold an alternate reality by American Leftists that socialism is utopia. A few decades of indoctrination in public schools and elite universities and Presto! Just like that, up is down and bad is good. Every day we are subjected to more of the same. Now if we can just get rid of the police, we will all live together in peace and harmony.

With Adam Schiff and his media collaborators having failed in their attempt to fabricate the alternate reality that the President colluded with Russia, and without serious economic or foreign policy positions to run on, the election hopes for the Democrats this fall rely on convincing the American public of the false notion that President Trump is a racist. Some of the shortest political conversations I have had with my liberal colleagues have occurred when they tell me the President is a racist and I respond by asking them to give me the three most racist things the President has said, which typically is the end of the conversation because they have no answer (I developed this tactic in my early 20’s and have had lots of practice employing it since the Democrats have used the same race-baiting allegations against Regan, both Bushs, Dole, McCain, and Romney).  Rather than rely on the President’s words, the most common liberal response is to fabricate something the President did not say, and then criticize the fictional statement. A prime example is the oft-repeated falsehood that the President expressed sympathy for the white supremacist in Charlottesville, a pernicious lie that a 10-second search on Google will dispel. Yet even though it is patently untrue, it was recently suggested in the pages of this publication that the President’s fictitious support for the white racists in Charlottesville went so far as to endorse somehow the behavior of the criminal who drove his car into the crowd and killed a woman. Applying that same preposterous logic, Joe Biden’s support for Antifa “protestors” in St. Louis means Mr. Biden endorsed the actions of the criminal who shot and killed retired police officer David Dorn during those “protests.”    

At least for the time being, this is still America where a person is entitled to be judged on their actual words and deeds rather than the alternate reality concocted by the political Left. Contrary to the bigoted accusation that the President is a racist, the reality is that the President’s economic policies have provided job growth and income growth for all Americans, driving the pre-COVID unemployment figures for African Americans to their lowest levels ever recorded. The President’s policies on taxes and de-regulation allowed entrepreneurs of all races to flourish, with a particular emphasis on inner-city opportunity zones. The President’s reforms on criminal justice have long been sought after by minority leaders, but it was the Trump administration that made them happen, not the Obama administration, and the same is true for the President’s restoration and increase in funding for historically black colleges and universities. Clearly, these are not the actions of an individual with racist beliefs, so it requires the ultimate in cognitive dissonance (or outright dishonesty) for Leftists to disregard the reality of President Trump’s string of accomplishments and instead posit the alternate reality that those concerned about racial equity should continue to embrace the same political party that brought us the Confederacy, the Civil War, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregated schools, fierce opposition to the civil rights and voting rights acts, the denial of school choice, and policies that have decimated the inner cities; to name only a few of the contributions the Democrat Party has made to “systemic racism” in America.  Like Alice, one would truly need to eat mushrooms to accept the alternate reality the Leftists are attempting to have us swallow.

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