Have you ever been afraid to do something and put it off due to fear?   Maybe, it was the GRE assessment for graduate school or the start of a weight loss program.  The years go by, and the “what if” starts to nag you.  You are still stuck with the 20 lbs, and you never pursued the masters degree. Time passes on. The simple definition of fear is:  To feel anxiety or apprehension on behalf of (fill in the blank).   We all doubt our lives, but when it keeps us stuck, we have to examine the cause.

Just about everything we do has an element of fear.   Driving to our jobs every day could be fearful.  There are bad drivers everywhere, but I guess you are a good driver, so there is nothing to fear.   It sounds silly, but so many things can elicit a sense of fear, which could lead to limiting our lives because of it.   Realistically, anything can happen at any time, good or bad.  Many of us have had the worse happen, but we’ve also had the best happen.  I wish bad things never happened to anyone, but that would be unrealistic. Disease happens, loss occurs, and we don’t always get the job we want.   However, if we let fear prevent us from the experiences and the life we are meant to live, then fear wins. Cable news elicits fear and watching it continually gets into your subconscious and becomes a part of you.  Some news is good. Too much is overload.    Moving past the fear actually is quite easy.  Visualize seeing yourself past the fear and doing what it is you want to do.  Now more than ever, that one skill will help with the fear that is everywhere.  

        I hope that fear does not stop your progress in your life, whether it’s starting a fitness program or sky diving.  Whatever it is, you dare to do it.   Get out there and do it.  There will always be fear, but the opposite of fear is boldness.  A simple definition of boldness is the ability to get things done despite risks.    Let’s be bold and embrace this thing called life and maybe even move past our comfort zones.    For more information about health and fitness, please contact Kay Colgan at Middleburg Pilates, 14 S Madison Street, Middleburg, Virginia, or call 540-687-6995.


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