Sidewalk Sale

The Punkin Lee of the Middleburg Business Association addressed the Council about the upcoming Middleburg Summer Sidewalk Sale. The event will be held Wednesday, July 29, to Sunday, August 2, to help flatten the attendance curve. Senior hours will be offered as well. Extending the event’s timeline would allow locals to shop during the week, visitors over the weekend. Hand washing/sanitizing stations will be spread throughout the event area.

Town Event Recap

During the last month, the Town had two events, the Unity March and Independence Day. Both events were praises by Mayor Bridge Littleton.

The Middleburg Police Department were prepared and worked hand in hand with organizers of The Unity March. “All the goals of the event we meet, in a manner respectful to the First Amendment and Public Safety,” said Mayor Littleton.

The Town Independence Day Celebrations were changed significantly changed due to the Pandemic, no fireworks, hotdogs, etc. To Celebrate the day, Town Staff and Scout Troop 2950 worked together to distribute 1000 US Flags around the Town.

Staff Reports

The West end Pumping station project is complete, “the improvement overall is very well done and continues to operate well,” said Town Manager Danny Davis.

Well 4 continues to be tweaked and adjusted after being offline for some two years. The well is back to producing at normal levels. The water usage of this well in the past has been an indicator of a good Town economy.

The Town Planning Commission will be having a hearing regarding the Banbury Cross Reserve Housing Development on July 27. The Town will be allowing both personal and remote public comment.

The Town end of year fiscal report is being finalized and, “Things still look fairly good for the Town at this point, despite the pandemic,” said Davis.

Covid 19 Updates

The Town is currently in phase three of the State reopening plan. The State has not indicated a time frame for this phase to end or change.

The Town office is open to the public. The staff does keep the door locked and asks that people knock to provide time for proper entry protocols are met.

National Night Out will be postponed until possibly October.

The Town has an ongoing concern with the lack of compliance with the State mandated mask law. They are currently exploring many ideas as to how to help businesses with enforcement.

Vice Mayor

Darlene Kirk, current Vice Mayor for nearly 20 years, cited she would like to step back from the roll. Kirk nominated Phillip Miller as Vice Mayor. The Council voted to approve the vote for election.

Proposed Brewery
ABC License Application

The Council has submitted a formal letter to the ABC, citing concerns over four issues they found with the project.

Public Safety and Traffic: Concerns about the addition of traffic from a location serving alcoholic beverages on a highly-traveled portion of Route 50 and within the vicinity of other ABC licensed facilities.

Quality of Life: Impacts to adjacent and nearby neighbors, to include noise, light, and parking. The addition of such a use may also impact property values and create harm to adjacent property owners.

Lack of Specific Commitments: The information provided by the proposer did not specifically commit to a number of parking spaces, occupancy, or other details that would mitigate impacts on the community. The proposer has stated a number of details that are not completely defined.

Misrepresentation of Discussions: The discrepancy in the proposer’s purported outreach to adjacent neighbors, and the lack of effort in discussing with other neighbors, causes the Town concern as to the proposer’s commitment to other aspects of the project.


Route 50
Crosswalk Project

VDOT will be repairing a majority of the crosswalk in Town over three separate weekends. The detour will be in place from 10 pm Friday to Monday at 5 am on July 17 – July 20, July 24 – July 27, August 7 – August 10.

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