Here come the holidays! And that means family, friends, food, gifts, and fun. Or does it? I know all of you humans are sad about the pandemic and how it will affect your holiday plans, I don’t blame you. The fewer people, the fewer chances food will fall to the floor during a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. It is important to remember although this year may be different, there is always a chance for joy. My human Tom is making a list of people who could use a little joy this year. He even has a group of children from A Place to Be Music Therapy Center participating in phone calls to people who might feel lonely or isolated this holiday season.

I have to be honest. I have noticed that people look a little stressed and distant as I walk around town. It is always refreshing when someone stops to talk to Tom and pet me, but recently it seems like a lot of humans carry a worried look on their face. I think Tom is right by spreading Joy to people who need it because recently, I have seen other dogs in town that could use a little pick me up. Who can’t use a little extra love from someone? A little Joy.

This holiday season, make a list of people who could use a card or a phone call from you. I know mailing letters is out of date, but out of all years, maybe this year is the right time to sit down and write someone you love a long letter. It shows you have taken the time and the letter’s details show you have thought about them. Everyone, even dogs, deserves to end this year with a good feeling. If anything, this pandemic has shown us that we need each other more than objects, and little things mean more than ever before. I miss people just like you do, and I know there are some months to go yet before we can proceed to a more typical lifestyle. Still, hopefully, from this whole experience, you have found a more profound sense of appreciation and gratitude.

I hope to see you around town and be sure to smile behind your mask. People can tell if your smiling and everyone needs a smile now and again. Happy Holidays and be good to yourself and others. The most significant gift you can give someone this season is not just a dog bone, but the gift of your heart and mind thinking about them and reaching out!
Have a great end of 2020!!