America has for over 200 years been that shining city on the hill, the envy of the world where the freedom to speak and think for oneself was the birthright of American citizens and the peaceful resolution of our differences was achieved through the political process as opposed to the mob in the street. Sadly, we are no longer that country. It is clear that violence by the Left to achieve their political goals is now a part of the American political process. Since President Trump was elected in 2016, the Left has taken to the streets to resist the outcome of that election, often with violence and always with the support and encouragement of the Democrat party, whose response to the looting, burning, rioting, murders, and assaults is to defund the police. American citizens who do not bow to the Democrats and their paramilitary allies such as Antifa and BLM are brazenly attacked. Their Democrat mayors tell the police to stand down. Even if arrested, the Left-wing zealots who do the strong-arm work for the Democrats have little to fear from Democrat prosecutors at the state and federal level who quickly return them to the streets to do more violence. Who could imagine that citizens who gathered recently in Washington, D.C. to peacefully exercise their right to free speech in support of the President would be harassed and assaulted with the silent approval of Democrats from the mayor to the highest levels of Congress? The media failed to even report on this most recent violence by Biden supporters. If they did report, it was to insinuate that the attacks were justified since those who were assaulted were deserving of a good beating for President Trump’s supporters. Welcome to the new normal; the Venezuelanization of America is underway at full speed.
The media and the Democrats, who never accepted the election of Donald Trump, now lecture us that we must all accept that Joe Biden won the election, even before the results are certified, just as in any other third world nation. Pay no attention to the report just weeks ago on PBS detailing the potential for fraud stemming from “troubling irregularities” with the Dominion Electronic Voting System and the many affidavits of witnesses who attest to a myriad of other voting improprieties in 2020. Now we are told that any investigation into these irregularities and improprieties concerning the 2020 election is a “threat to democracy” (not the irregularities and improprieties themselves, but investigating those irregularities and improprieties we are told is the threat). We are instructed to shut up about investigations and accept the results of the 2020 election as legitimate by the same gaggle of Democrats and media hypocrites who for three years promoted the narrative that the 2016 election was illegitimate because Russians had colluded with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary, a story they knew to be a lie. Even former President Obama has now come out to accuse anyone asking legitimate questions about the 2020 electoral process of being a threat to our democratic institutions. The chutzpah of this man is limitless, and as a threat to America’s democratic institutions, Mr. Obama set a standard without equal. It was Obama who unleashed the IRS on his political opponents and was eventually forced to settle lawsuits with conservative groups who were victimized (not to worry, he settled these abuses using taxpayer money). It was Obama who spied on members of the media. It was Obama who authorized the assassination of U.S. citizens overseas without due process. Obama used lies about negotiating with Iranian “moderates” as cover for his nuclear “deal” with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It was Obama who defiantly announced that he would simply use executive orders to bypass Congress when he could not get political support for his policies. Most recently, it was Obama who weaponized U.S intelligence agencies to conduct a domestic spy operation against the Republican presidential candidate, an action that makes Watergate pale by comparison. We know this happened; we have the handwritten notes of Obama’s CIA chief, who memorialized his meeting in the Oval Office with Obama, Biden, and other co-conspirators within their administration to discuss these actions. Each of the individuals involved should be facing criminal charges for such blatant wrongdoing. Instead, Obama lives the life of a multi-millionaire potentate, Biden pretends to be President, and the deep state minions who collaborated in the threats to our democratic institutions and lied to Congress are now on the payroll of CNN and MSNBC or faculty at Georgetown and William and Mary. All this while corrupt actors in the Obama Justice Department targeted and prosecuted General Michael Flynn for political advantage on charges that not even the FBI believed he was guilty of, and Roger Stone was prosecuted and given what amounted to a life sentence essentially for the crime of being a friend of the President. Justice is no longer blind, and the Left in America has now embraced the practice of using the judicial system to excuse their friends and jail their political enemies like any other totalitarian regime.
Now Democrats have announced that if there is a Biden administration, not only do they plan to continue to abuse the judicial system to hound President Trump, but they intend to track down even those who worked for the Trump administration so they can be ostracized socially, punished and denied employment. (Keep in mind these are the same Democrats who tell us they are the great healers and uniters). Knowing it is sometimes difficult to spot “these people” (conservatives who worked for the Trump administration), maybe the Democrats can learn from the past and require ex-Trump administration personnel to wear a gold star on their jacket, or perhaps give each a numerical tattoo on their forearm? Once the Democrats have identified these supposed enemies of the state, who shall the Democrats start within their anti-Trump jihad? Should they target for retribution those in the Trump administration who worked on Operation Warp Speed to deliver the covid vaccine in record time? Maybe those who worked on the peace accords between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain? What about those who worked to crush Isis, or those who worked on trade agreements and economic policies that delivered record levels of economic growth and opportunity? How about those in the administration and the Trump family who pushed through criminal justice reform, or those who worked successfully to accomplish record levels of funding for historically black colleges and universities? I could go on, but you get the idea. As the party of the Klan, bigotry, and intolerance, Democrats have a proven record of punishing those who do not think as they do. Old habits die hard, and we have much to fear from vengeful Democrats as a civil society.
Although the use of mob violence and the misuse of the judicial system and the intelligence agencies for political purposes are antithetical to the American Constitution and American traditions, these tactics fit an age-old pattern by leftist regimes worldwide. From the old Soviet Union to those in eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, if one should dare to disagree with the socialist agenda or choose to show support for individual freedoms and the rule of law, the consequences were predictable: physical intimidation and violence, domestic spying by intelligence agencies, selective prosecutions and political show trials, imprisonment and social isolation. The Democrats are now fully on board with these third-world tactics as they work to “fundamentally transform” what was once the land of free speech and free thought into a country where the Left alone decides what thoughts, words, and actions are “politically correct.” Hugo Chavez must be beaming with pride from his perch in the underworld to see that his political views have replaced those of Jefferson and Madison as guiding the Democrat party. It is now America that follows the leadership of Venezuela into the brave new world.