There is so much change in the world happening for all of you humans. I am sorry there is so much confusion and frustration, but I want to say some things I have learned about humans. There are many attributes that make dogs and humans different and at the same time, very much the same.

You are all kinder and more loving than you allow yourselves to be. You have great depth and understanding when it comes to Empathy. We, dogs know this well about you, it’s just you trust dogs more than you trust other humans. It would be great if you could trust each other the way you trust us. When you’re hurt you often have trouble moving past your pain because you allow your brain to limit your healing. As dogs, we never like humans to worry about us feeling pain or feeling hurt, and we don’t linger with those feelings because we know it wouldn’t make you feel very good. Humans have a tendency to want to feel bad much longer than we do and sometimes that leads to making others feel worse.

I learned you can forgive each other if you stop allowing your anger to be your main emotion and replace it with love. You all need to take more walks! Exercise and explore! This is very important. Bushes, and flowers, and people are the reason we stop so often. You should do the same, even though you don’t go to the bathroom outside. TREATS! You shouldn’t worry so much when you eat a treat. Treats are good for everyone. Humans sometimes bark and whine too much for no good reason. Don’t get me wrong I love all humans, but I think humans need to think a little more before they bark.

Humans love us with their true heart, the heart they don’t often show other humans, but will show us dogs. That’s why you are not afraid to cry or yell or feel stupid in front of us. We see everything and accept you no matter what. I think the world would be a better place if humans would show their true heart to other humans. Humans are great at laughing and seeing humor too and that can be very healing. Tom laughs at me all the time. And I know when he does, I have done my “job”: making him happy. Maybe that’s the biggest thing humans could learn from us. Our main job is to make humans happy and I think humans need to make other humans happy.

I think more than ever humans could learn a lot from dogs. I wish you all love and luck and I know things will get better and remember think before you BARK!