Hearing the wind blow called me back to a time in my youth. Standing on a beach with the wind blowing on my face, much as it did on Mars today. My eyes trained on the horizon, pondering what lay beyond it—feeling very small in the enormous expanse of space and time.

Images of a human-made machine, “Perseverance,” flashed before me on the screen as I watched the morning news, the sound of wind filled the room, I felt a little less small than that day on the beach as I marveled in awe at something so mundane as the sound of the wind, the wind on Mars.

We found a little peek into the question of why we are here and what lay beyond that horizon.

That horizon, that makes us feel so small. The perseverance to stand back up and walk forward after being struck down. To seek out something greater… to hear the wind blow on Mars.

We commend and congratulate NASA and all the Humans that preserved to make this day happen.

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