Special Recognition

The Council adopted a resolution extending its appreciation to H. H. “Dev” Roszel for his service on the Economic Development Advisory Committee from February 28, 2019, through December 31, 2020. – https://bit.ly/3nV5DyC

The Council adopted a resolution extending its appreciation to Maribe Chandler-Gardiner for her service on the Middleburg Arts Council from June 11, 2015, through November 18, 2020. – https://bit.ly/3nR6MqF

The Council adopted a resolution extending its appreciation to Tonya Taylor for Go Green’s service from June 28, 2018, through December 17, 2020. – https://bit.ly/3nWkGYO
The Council adopted a resolution extending its appreciation to BAC and Peter Hitchens for their contributions to the Seven Loaves Food Bank’s Food Drive in December of 2020 and their efforts to support the Food Bank in the future. – https://bit.ly/2M2w2NG
Water. – https://bit.ly/3iwWo6E

The Town has started working on a pilot project to allow Meals taxes to be paid online. There will be more on this in the coming weeks and months.
Work continues on the Town code update concerning combining water and sewer ordinances into one ordinance. – https://bit.ly/35SpQyO

Economic Development

The feedback received from the Town planned weekend events in December well, generally well-received. That included 650 complimentary cups of hot cocoa, live music, and 48 Caradge rides, among other things.

The Town is working with Loudoun County Economic Development to create a workforce support program specific to Middleburg. They expect to have a Webinar on workforce issues in the Town in the coming weeks.

In 2020 the Town’s social media accounts experienced a surge in growth from the previous year, Instagram up 66%, Twitter up 20%, and Facebook up 18%. – https://bit.ly/3bPK4wJ

Planning Commission

The Commission has made great strides in the planning decisions of the residents on Salamander. They are looking to have it finalized in the next month or two.
Council raised some concerns as to the size and scale of the new building on lots. – https://bit.ly/2LXDCZQ

Police – https://bit.ly/2LCtt58

New Town Hall

A kick-off meeting was held on January 6, 2021, with the Town, architect, and construction management firm, Glave & Holmes is continuing work to finalize their detailed design schedule – https://bit.ly/2LIbdap.

COVID – https://bit.ly/2LIU6VY

The Loudoun County Health Department is currently rolling out vaccines to Phase 1A priority recipients. Phase 1B recipients, including Town Police Officers, will likely have the opportunity to receive a vaccine in the coming weeks.
The Health Department will have the latest information on when and how vaccines will be available for the general public. The best way to stay informed is Loudoun County’s dedicated webpage for theCOVID-19 vaccine available at https://bit.ly/3nPrIOY


The proposes 2022 Town Budget will be presented on February 11 at the secluded Council meeting. The report stated. “Preliminary information received regarding real estate assessments shows expected increases in residential assessments but a roughly 14% decrease in commercial assessments. As a whole, the preliminary data is showing roughly a 5.5% decrease in total real estate revenues.” – https://bit.ly/2KriCKx

Noise Ordinance

“Council received the attached request from Bundles Murdock to amend the Town’s noise ordinance to prohibit construction during at least four (4), and up to six (6), major holidays within the town limits. Councilmember Pearson has requested that this request be placed on the Council agenda for discussion.”

The Council generally agreed with the request and will move forward to craft and amend the current Town Noise Ordinance. – https://bit.ly/3qwDSOy

Snow Removal Ordinance

“Vice Mayor Miller has requested that an item be placed on the Council agenda to discuss amendments to the Town’s snow removal ordinance. In order to aid in those discussions, also attached is a copy of the ordinance provisions.”

The Council’s consensus was to make no changes to the current ordinance but to do a better job of informing and enforcing the ordinance.

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