My January article is always about reflections on the previous year.  When I started to outline my 2020 submission, my thoughts became like a bowl of noodles.  Jumbled and soggy. So much, yet so little happened and there is no denying it went super fast.  To recap:

Though I thought my online shopping skills were fit and running with maximum efficiency, I learned there was room for improvement.  My delivery people also know this and I feel like I need to put them in my will for how good they have been to me.

I realized that Rob Lowe is still a hunk that makes my inner 13 year old blush.
I came to the conclusion that my favorite things about songs are the hooks and harmonies.  This is prolific coming from someone with zero musical inclination other than pounding out Chopsticks.

I recognized that my signature pink bathrobe had far exceeded its useful life only after I received a new one for Christmas.  It was atrociously tattered, filthy and stained. To think that its main time of use was when I was my cleanest is, well, just plain gross.
I learned that there is genuine kindness out there walking our streets.  Sadly at the same time, I learned there is true hatred among us as well.

In 2020, I learned that you cannot, in fact, teach an old dog a new trick.
I substantially increased my athleisure wardrobe and beauty product collection, yet my hair care arsenal significantly decreased.  Translation: I rotate wearing an impressive collection of Costco leggings, put a ton of creams and potions on my face to turn back the hands of time (yet often over day old makeup), and sport a ponytail or ratty mom-bun of rooty, dirty hair.  Cheers to you 2020!

I realized my heart is so full of love and gratitude, that sometimes it hurts.  I mean real, physical pain.

I fell in love again with riding and introduced that love to my children.  Extra bonus points to my husband for securing the most perfect first ponies for our children and thanks to our dear friend who trusted us with the magical, twin, fuzzy, Ewok-like equines who have lived in the same stall for 17 years. It makes my heart sing to think of riding as a family.
I have never been so happy to have my family reside in Middleburg than during 2020.  We have a wonderful community, town, and leadership that pulled us through this devastating year.  How lucky are all of us to call Middleburg and her surrounding areas home?

2021 Resolutions

Recycle more.  So. Much. Waste.

Ride more (duh).  And maybe get back into the show ring.  Shhhhhh.

Organize the house and strive to keep it that way.

Find my pre-preggo abs to help relieve my severe and long term back pain.

Get to the marrow of every, single, day.

Happy New Year!  May your 2021 be bright, full of love and extra prosperous.

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