With 2021 upon us, I’d like to share a few of the home design trends that our VP of Design TJ Monahan believes will influence our renovation projects this year.

Dark Green Cabinets

In cabinetry, we’ve seen trends with grey and white, all white and navy and white, so what might be next?  We’ve already started to see kitchens on Houzz and Instagram with dark green cabinetry. Sometimes the green is so dark it doesn’t read as green right away.  It’s a subtle way to introduce a color that still acts like a neutral but offers great depth and interest.

Integrated Toilets

Clients are starting to ask for integrated toilets, which are basically a combo of a bidet and a toilet. They have been popular in Asia for a long time and are just now starting to catch on here. There are additional features like an automatic lid and seat warmer, and if you want to get really fancy, you can get one with ambient light and built-in speakers.
There are a few things to be mindful of however.  The first is the cost.  The standard toilet we all know might run you around $400.  An integrated toilet is $3000 – $8000 depending on the chosen options. These toilets also require power, so you need to have an outlet close by, and should be installed by an experienced professional.

TJ expects that most bathroom projects this year will, at a minimum, plan for a future integrated toilet by installing an outlet low on the wall behind the toilet.  TJ is expecting them to become standard in high-end bathrooms very soon.

Wireless Charging in Countertops

For the last few years, new smart phones and wearables have been built to include Qi wireless charging.  That means you can lay it down on a special pad for charging instead of plugging it in.

Well, did you know that you can install the charging pad below your countertop? There are some limitations in making this work, like the thickness of the countertop, but as long as we know those limitations at the beginning, we can make this work on most of the tops we install.

Hidden Doors

Our clients are starting to ask for hidden doors, which is always fun. We recently finished a kitchen remodel that had an existing walk-in pantry.  Instead of having a standard door to the pantry, we made it look like it was another tall cabinet door. It’s a fun detail with great design appeal.

Subtle Ceiling Details

Coffered ceilings were, and are, a very popular detail.  When you’re going for a traditional look, they’re hard to beat.  But what if you don’t have high ceilings and aren’t interested in building the coffers down and losing height, or what if your style isn’t traditional, or maybe you want a ceiling detail in your new kitchen without sacrificing cabinet height?
We’re starting to see more subtle details – something that is interesting when you look up, but doesn’t take up much space.  On a project that we recently finished, we added coffers that are very shallow.  They’re deep enough to be noticeable, but not so deep that they’re the focal point.  They’re also nice because they help to define the spaces – almost like an area rug for your ceiling.

Tim Burch is a Vice President and Owner of BOWA, an award-winning design and construction firm specializing in renovations ranging from master suites and kitchens to whole-house remodels and equestrian facilities. For more information, visit bowa.com or call 540-687-6771.

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Tim Burch is Vice President of BOWA, an award-winning design build firm specializing in luxury renovations ranging from master suites and kitchens to whole-house remodels. A Northern Virginia native, Tim focuses on clients in the Loudoun and Fauquier County areas providing them with his 25 years of expertise in the design build construction industry. He is a third generation builder, certified remodeler, and instructor. Prior to joining BOWA, he was the Lead Project Manager of Construction for the Emmy Award winning construction reality television show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC Television. For more information on Tim and the BOWA team, visit www.bowa.com, or call 703-734-9050. Have a question for Tim that you’d like to see covered in Middleburg Eccentric? Email him at AskBOWA@bowa.com.