I always try to be honest when I write my column, and this time is no different. I am getting older. My body doesn’t work like it used to. I don’t enjoy food as much, my walks are much shorter, I get confused at times and sometimes my body functions don’t work at full capacity.

All that said, I am HAPPY! I know things are changing so I am trying to get as much out of life as possible. Tom recently also has started to feed me dog food that he makes from scratch. I love it. What did I do to deserve such treatment?

  I have to say I hate for Tom to feel bad for me. I do not think we dogs think of growing old as a bad thing. I know in the Human world a sadness arises immediately when a person feels they are slipping or getting ill, or aging. We dogs don’t quite feel like that. I notice it is happening, but truly all I think about is looking at the people I love with passion and love, eating, walking, and being the center of attention. 

I recently have had many tests that makes Tom very nervous and sometimes upset. But I am o.k. with every test they want to try as long as I get back to my life. Our bodies are just like yours. Figuring out what is wrong can be so confusing and sometimes it takes too much time to figure out what is the problem. I see Tom is aging too. But, we both do all we can to stay young and vibrant. We both take walks, drink lots of water, try to eat healthily, and engage with friends. And we both like to stop and smell the roses, but sometimes I like to pee on them. 

I am not giving in to “getting old” or anything, but I am being ok with slowing down a bit. Most humans look at us lying in our dog beds and imagine how comfy we are. Well, we are. That is our place for dreaming and watching the human world around us. So, I take more naps and walk up the steps to bed slower, but I count every second I have on earth and with Tom and my family as precious. I’ve got more living to do! More meat to eat! More walks around town! More columns to write! And more rose bushes to pee on! 

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