Food scrap composting is coming to Middleburg!  A few months ago, the Eccentric carried our article describing why more and more people are composting their food scraps.  We are delighted to report that the idea of food scrap composting received strong support in Middleburg.  As a result, Apex Organix will begin collecting food scraps from residents and businesses on Wednesday, October 6th.  We invite you to sign up for service now and help build a healthier and more sustainable Middleburg.

To sign-up contact Apex Organix at or 703.403.9095.  Learn more online at

Why food scrap composting?

Composting breaks down materials like scraps of uneaten food, chicken bones and pizza boxes and turns them into compost.  Compost is a black, nutrient-rich soil additive that helps plants grow strong and healthy.  Compost is so beneficial that farmers and gardeners call it “black gold”.   

Yet, every year, we send tons of material that could be turned into compost to the landfill where it decays unused.  That waste is triply bad.  First, while the compostable materials go to waste, our local farmers and gardeners import tons of man-made fertilizer to replace the nutrients in their soil.  Second, the man-made fertilizer is more likely than compost to run-off local farms and gardens when it rains.  The fertilizer ends up in local ponds, streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay where it contributes to the green scum on local ponds and the dead zones in the Bay.  Last, and certainly not least, when food and food-related items decay in a landfill, they release methane.  Methane is a very potent Greenhouse gas.  During its first 20 years in the atmosphere, methane traps 80 times more heat than the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide, contributing strongly to climate change.  

Composting your food scraps is an easy way to help do away with all of these negative effects.  It increases the local supply of compost and enables more farmers and gardeners to substitute compost for man-made fertilizer.  In turn, substituting compost for man-made fertilizer helps the local economy and keeps local waterways cleaner and healthier. Food scrap composting also reduces methane emissions from our local landfills which reduces climate change.

How does the Apex Organix composting service work?

Middleburg Residents

Each household that signs up for the composting service will receive their choice of weekly or bi-weekly food scrap collection.  Apex Organix will provide each household with a 5-gallon, covered, odor-trapping plastic bucket. Each household will fill up their bucket with food scraps and other compostable items during their one or two-week period.  Apex Organix will be in Middleburg to pick up food scraps every Wednesday, beginning October 6.  Apex Organix will send a reminder email the day before each pickup.  On pickup day, each household will place their 5-gallon bucket next to their front door, garage or at curbside.  Apex Organix will pick up the filled buckets and replace them with clean, empty buckets.

The sign-up for food scrap composting is now open. Simply email Apex Organix at or call Apex Organix at 703.403.9095.  The cost is $14.00 per month for bi-weekly bucket collection or $20.00 per month for weekly bucket collection.  The first food scrap pickup will be Wednesday, October 6.  After each resident’s first month of service, Apex Organix will contact the resident to discuss their experience with the service.  At that time, the resident may elect to continue or cancel service.  Residents who elect to continue service may select from a variety of service plans.  Residents may cancel their composting service at any time.  Residents may also pause service for vacations and seasonal travel.  

As a service and thank you, Apex Organix will provide finished compost to interested customers twice a year.  

The Middleburg Sustainability Committee (formerly the Go Green Committee) is working to make food scrap composting affordable for everyone. Financial assistance with the monthly fees is available.  Please let Apex Organix know you would like assistance when you sign up for service.  

Middleburg Businesses and Folks Outside Town Limits

Apex Organix food scrap composting is also available to all businesses located within the town limits.  Apex Organix serves all types of businesses including restaurants, wineries, breweries, florists, schools and senior living facilities.  Pricing will be determined by your needs and location.  

Finished compost is also available twice a year for interested business customers and for customers outside the Town limits.  

What can I compost?

One of the big benefits of using Apex Organix’s commercial composting service is the variety in what you can compost.  The list goes way beyond what can safely go into a backyard composter.  Compostable food items include bread, coffee grounds and coffee filters, cooking oil, pumpkins and gourds, pet food, and meat and fish including the skin and bones.  Compostable food-related items include used pizza boxes, paper plates and napkins, certified compostable takeout containers, and dead flowers.  Paper items that are soiled with food or other natural materials like water, cooking oil, or pollen are compostable.  

A more complete list of compostable items is available at

Who is Apex Organix?

Apex Organix is a veteran-owned business headquartered in Fairfax.  They are a licensed and insured professional composter.  The company is a member of Fairfax County’s Green Small Business Partners program for their commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices.  For more information, see

Lynne Kaye and Pam Jones are members of the Middleburg Sustainability Committee.  Lynne is also a Circular Economy consultant.  Pam co-owns Gathering Springs Farm, a regenerative farm in Middleburg.  Lynne and Pam both have firsthand experience creating and using compost.

Contact Apex Organix at or 703.403.9095 to discuss your business’s particular needs and to receive a price quote.  Pricing will be determined by your needs and location.  For additional information go to

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