Middleburg Auto Parts is a store in town that provides a wide selection of car parts. It is part of a local franchise backed up by two of the largest car part companies in the country, Carquest and Advanced Auto Parts.

 Marc Johnson, a previous customer of Middleburg Auto Parts,  purchased the business from the old owner, who retired in January. He was operational for twenty to thirty years before deciding to sell. Marc’s background is in retail and retail management. Thus, it was an exciting experience going from a large store to a smaller one. Regardless, Marc wanted to support small businesses and feels that knowing his customers well makes a business successful. 

Middleburg Auto Parts has a lot to offer. Anybody in the community is welcome to come in. They keep a large selection of some of the most common parts in store. That way, people can have what they need available as soon as they walk in. Anything less available, Marc can order. Middleburg Auto Parts will have customers’ orders available no later than the following day. Additionally, the business has excellent relationships with a lot of the garages in the local area.

Moving forward, Middleburg Auto Parts plans to continue to offer a wide selection of parts in the store. Additionally, they hope to help anyone in the community with special orders. Middleburg Auto Parts gets deliveries multiple times a day so they can save people trips. Marc Johnson states that “Middleburg Auto Parts is the best place in the local area to get parts, and we try to offer the best service possible with the widest selection in a locally operated store.” Overall, he plans to keep providing services to the community. Additionally, he wants to do everything he can to keep the doors open, so this type of store can stay local.

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