If you have been in town on a Saturday morning this summer, you may have noticed a group of exciting automobiles parked outside Middleburg Common Grounds. Middleburg Coffee and Cars is a project Duane Ellis of Common Grounds, and I have been working on for a few months now. All of us know Middleburg has a reputation for country pursuits. However, the love of horsepower runs deep in our community.

Both of us wanted to give back by creating something fun for our community. Being car enthusiasts from different backgrounds, all cars are unique, be it antiques or muscle cars, collector or exotic. All vehicles have their special intrinsic allure.

Duane and I saw an opportunity to do something new, encouraging auto enthusiasts to come into town, see old friends, familiar faces, and create new friendships. Believing this is our opportunity for greater camaraderie by inviting people to enjoy our lovely village.
The beautiful thing about coffee and cars is it is not a competition. We’ve never seen a car we didn’t like; therefore, the atmosphere is laid back and nonjudgmental. All enthusiasts are welcome to gather on common ground (pun intended) and enjoy the chance to talk cars, talk about their cars, car culture, share stories, discuss shared experiences and wisdom, commiserate and like anglers, talk about the one(s) that got away, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and maybe even a breakfast sandwich.

Therefore, we would like to extend a warm invitation to Middleburg Coffee and cars every Saturday morning from 7-9:30 (weather permitting)! Parking on Washington St. outside Common Grounds is first come, first serve. However, we have permission to close N. Pickering St. every Saturday morning for event parking.

See you Saturday morning,

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