The Middleburg Town Council recently adopted a name change for its environmental advisory committee. Formerly named the Go Green Committee, the committee is now known as the Middleburg Sustainability Committee (MSC). The new name better aligns with the committee’s current work as environmental challenges continue to grow and become even more severe. The “go green” moniker is still quite relevant as a slogan and initiative of the MSC. 

Yet, the MSC’s ambition goes beyond what is admittedly a catchier name. The following excerpt from the original ordnance establishing the committee reads, “…A primary goal of the committee is to increase community awareness about environmental issues, such as the value of recycling, the importance of preserving water quality and the methods for conserving energy.” To that end, the MSC intends to continue initiatives like voluntary recycling programs (batteries, cigarette butts, razor blades) and town cleanup days while expanding into composting pilots and the like. We are expanding our public awareness efforts through articles like this one and others as well.

Perhaps you have noticed that members of the MSC regularly contribute articles to the Eccentric. The committee aims to publish articles each month, and we hope you will seek those articles out in the future. Articles aim to inform readers about sustainability trends in recycling trends, alternative energy, composting, and the like while providing ways to build sustainability into your routines in and around Middleburg. 

Please visit the Middleburg Sustainability Committee page on the Town’s website (see below). There you will find information about current recycling programs, upcoming events, pilot programs, and more. And please reach out to the MSC through that page if you would like to get involved or have questions that we can help address.

Some of the MSC’s current initiatives and upcoming events include the following, all of which are posted on our site with more information (e.g., locations, dates, signup information, etc.).

Monthly articles and posts

Composting pilot program details with Apex Organix

Fall Cleanup

Paint recycling

Battery recycling

Cigarette butt recycling

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