There is strength in a community that bands together in times of struggle. Recently, Middleburg exhibited this strength through its efforts to help out two Middleburg Police Officers. Currently, Lieutenant Shawn Jones and Timmy Thorpe are fighting illnesses. In response, those in the community are working to assist them through these difficult times. 

Lieutenant Shawn Jones and Timmy Thorpe are well-respected officers in the Middleburg Police Department. They are valued parts of the community and dedicate their lives to keeping Middleburg a colorful and charming place to live. Lieutenant Shawn Jones is one of the newest members of the police department. However, that did not hinder his ability to make connections in town. A coworker, Chief AJ, remarks that  “there is a connection to the community that you almost make instantaneously, and he has that connection. Lieutenant Jones wants to show that he is there for the citizens of Middleburg” (Chief AJ). Thus, due to this connection, Jones is a smiling face and active volunteer. However, Jones is currently battling lymphoma. Unfortunately, the doctors first misdiagnosed Jones, leading him to be treated incorrectly. After getting a second and third opinion, he got an accurate diagnosis. Chief AJ  notes that going through the wrong treatment “has probably compounded the effects [of the lymphoma], so he is having a tough time” (Chief AJ).

Nevertheless, Jones continues to go to work when he can. Timmy Thorpe is the longest termed employee at the Middleburg Police Department. He started working there over a decade ago. His dedication to Middleburg and everyone in the community is unmistakable. Town Council member Mr. Bernard states, “Police do a good job about not just enforcing the laws but being a part of the community.” Through his decade of serving, Thorpe continues to embody this. Unfortunately, Thorpe is also battling illness. The doctors diagnosed Thorpe with liver cancer, and he needs a liver transplant. Even with his diagnosis, Thorpe continues to work and spend time giving back to the community. Both Lieutenant Shawn Jones and Timmy Thorpe embody what it means to be resilient. When faced with unimaginable adversity, they not only persevere but continue to help others. 

Throughout the process of diagnosis and treatment, the community has united together to support them. The police department works to raise awareness and be understanding of their current abilities and needs. Specifically, Chief AJ raises awareness through social media. Social media offers a quick and efficient way to spread information. Thus, their stories have spread throughout Middleburg. This incites others in the greater community to give back. Additionally, Chief AJ emphasizes that “they are family” (Chief AJ). Thus, the Middleburg Police Department will continue to check on them and make sure they know their coworkers love them. 

The greater community in town also works to support these officers. There is a toll illness takes on not only the individual but their family. Because of this, there is currently a Gofundme page for Lieutenant Shawn to help his family. Additionally, through raising awareness within the community, Timmy Thorpe has gotten offers from three potential liver donors. While the doctors could decline them all, this exhibits excellent support.

Further, the individual can do a lot to help Lietteneut Shawn and Timmy Thorpe. Going online, sharing their stories, donating, and raising awareness all make a difference. Even “kind words of support go a long way. We want to show them that they make Middleburg a great place to be. We care about them and want to help them in any trial and tribulations they go through” (Bernard). Moving forward, the community wants to continue to raise money for Jones and raise awareness, 

Overall, the community of Middleburg has united to show support for Lieutenant Jones and Timmy Thorpe. These officers have dedicated their lives to maintaining Middleburg’s charm and assisting the community. It is vital to give back to them in times of need. There is “strength in numbers. Whether you believe in God or good vibes [anything is appreciated]” (Chief AJ). It is essential to continue to lift our neighbors and give support. Expressing the love Middleburg has for them “keeps their spirits high. They have something else to fight for. Yes, they have their own families, but also they have the extended family of Middleburg” (Chief AJ). And that family, the community of Middleburg, continues to work to help them. 

You can find the go fund me for Lieutenant Shawn Jones at

You can apply to be a Living Donor for Timmy Thorpe at

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