It’s hard to believe the holiday season is here amongst us. Time for my stocking full of treats and the customary new collar. Tom and I have been talking and we have decided this year, more than ever needs to not be about gifts, but about who we love and allowing the traditions that give us comfort to be primary. He forces me to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” every year. I know he loves Snoopy, but to be honest I think Snoopy is a little much. Anyways, we also decided not to let the news we hear to cause fear in us. I am sure you have heard or experienced prices rising or the news that this season our stores may be vacant with gifts, supplies and items we may need. I told Tom we got through the last two years, and we will be fine. Even better than before Covid because we are more grateful for everything we have. 

We are focusing on the “small things,” meaning what small things could make this holiday season wonderful. Fires in the yard with marsh-mellows, inviting friends over to carol, a turkey dinner. I love Tom’s Turkey dinners! Tom even made it clear to me that he must sing this year where he can. Last year he was only 4 months healed from Covid. He could not sing at all, so he wants to make up for it this year. We also have begun to think of the smallest and simplest gifts for our friends and family, but gifts that are directly inspired by them. I have shared with Tom he doesn’t have to think on such a small scale for me because I’m in need of some major love around the holidays. We sat down last night and came up with a list of things we both felt the world could use this holiday. Here it is

The world could use more

• Patience

• Listening

• Equality

• Empathy

• Love

• Dogs

Happy Holiday season! And thanks for so many of your reaching out to Tom about my health. I am just an old lady, with a good plastic surgeon, and I may be getting old, and my legs and bladder may not work like they used to, but I am still around the town. Love you all. 

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