Recently at a dinner party I attended, the host thoughtfully broke the ice by asking each guest to relay one of their most embarrassing moments. Within seconds we were roaring with laughter, and those of us that didn’t previously know each other became fast friends after sharing tales of rogue boogers and being caught picking wedgies in public. I’ve since used the same tactic in different situations and am confident that the concept is being shared and enjoyed like I first did. Laughter is the best medicine, and having the ability to laugh at yourself will undoubtedly add years to your life. *

 * Not medically proven, just a fun hunch.

I suspect that every human has unintentionally walked around with spinach, a Cheeto, or popcorn stuck in their teeth until either someone kindly alerts them or they do a double-take in the bathroom mirror. I would also suspect that most have at least once trailed toilet paper down the hall in school, airplane, or another public place where onlookers snicker until a good Samaritan breaks the chain or the tp wears thin and lets go of your sticky souls. These are relatively ordinary funnies, but what has been your doozies?

I will never forget a time when I pulled into an Exxon station to fill my tank. The pay-at-the-pump option was inoperable that particular day. I was in a hurry, so after being fully fueled, I rushed into the shop, where I announced to the employees and other patrons that “I have gas” with great enthusiasm.  I could feel my face turn beet red as the room silenced. When I exited, the peanut gallery burst with laughter, and I shook my head and smiled at what an absolute bonehead thing that was to do.

Underwear bloopers are always fun. One time in my 1990’s nightlife, I wore a stylish, of-the-era, white thong under flowy pants with a crop top to expose the newly pierced belly button. Upon entering the club full of black lights, I snagged a Zima and started boogying down on the dance floor to probably some song by Ace of Bass, drawing massive attention for what I thought was my awesome dance moves and keen fashion sense. In reality, I was being laughed at for shaking my Tootie wearing a bright, glowing mom-thong, which was visible through my semi-sheer pants. Good times.

I have unintentionally worn plenty of clothes backward, mismatching shoes and stockings with runs in them. Still, the cake gets taken by inside-out yoga pants with the visible, white crotch patch on the unintended side. 

Collin Ferrell once made a verbal blooper when announcing the nomination of “The Pianist” for the 2003 Oscars.  Say out loud “The Pianist” quickly and in your best Irish brogue. Yes, you said it and just giggled. I have had an equally giggleable and humiliating moment, albeit not on television when introducing a friend whose maiden name did not phonetically combine well with her married last name of Cox. Her maiden name will be withheld to protect her identity, but it was along the lines of Loving or Craven.

Please take the time to laugh at yourselves! No one is ever perfect, and no matter how hard you try and prevent it, that embarrassing moment will always, always happen.

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