After nearly two years of havoc brought on by COVID-19 and blood, sweat, and tears of executives working to survive the ongoing pandemic, business owners are seeking guidance for reinvention and recovery. Customers have shifted purchasing behaviors, staff has turned over, markets have changed, and hybrid working models continue to challenge. Lisa Gable’s experience in leading organizations in times of dramatic change is brought to life in her new book Turnaround – How to Change Course When Things Are Going South (IdeaPress Publishing, October 2021). Lisa provides audiences with concrete tips for ensuring business continuity, citing personal examples, as well as answering questions related to business shifts to help ensure future viability and growth.

As CEO of several organizations, and as a former Presidential appointee, US Ambassador, UN Delegate, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Lisa has orchestrated and executed the successful turnarounds of well-known private and public organizations in all industries and sectors. She is highly regarded in business, political, and philanthropic circles for her ability to tackle difficult issues directly and with discipline and diplomacy. Earlier in her career, Lisa worked in high tech as corporate identity manager at Intel, in the White House as deputy associate director of presidential personnel, and in the US Department of Defense as a special assistant in the Technology Transfer Policy department. She was named one of the 10 Most Innovative Businesswomen in 2020 by The Business Berg and an Inspirational Businesswoman to Watch in 2021 by Tycoon Magazine. 

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