Choosing to install a security system to protect your property and your loved ones is a wise decision.  In addition to protecting the perimeter of your home—the remainder of your security needs for your home are unique.  It’s important that your security system addresses your specific needs and requirements and delivers the complete protection you want.  

The latest security system technology enables you to choose from wire free, all-in-one security panels to hybrid wired/wireless systems.  All of the new security systems can incorporate cellular and smart home technology such as lighting, temperature, and door lock control while maintaining a simple, flexible user interface.   

Below are critical considerations that should be factored into the specific components for your home security system:

What are your unique concerns in addition to general security?  Do you need to protect a gun safe?  Is a medicine cabinet of concern?  

 What is your day-to-day lifestyle?  Your security system provider should walk through the entire house with you and discuss the options of a security system that will fit your lifestyle.  It’s important to understand how your security system will work when you are home vs. when you are away.  

 Do you have pets?  This affects the feasibility to use motion sensors.  

 Do you travel a lot?  Do you travel more than you are home?  This determines the specific type of sensors that can be used effectively and the best way to set up the system.  

 Would you like to have remote access to your security system?  It’s important to understand the communication paths that are available.  You can choose from cellular, landline, internet communications or a combination of paths.   

 Would you like to add video to your alarm system?  This can include a camera system with onsite and/or cloud storage. You can choose an alarm system that protects the entry points to your home or a custom combination of the available options.   

 How will your security system be used and who will be using it?  Who will be notified in the event of an alarm?  How would you like to be notified in the event of an alarm?  The answers to these questions should be factored into your security system.  

 Who will service your security system?  Are they local or from out of town?  Are they employees or subcontractors?  It’s important to work with trusted, licensed, screened security system experts who are dedicated to protecting you and our community. 

What additional items do you want to connect to your security system?  Components that monitor water?  Temperature?  Fire?  

Are you concerned with home protection only or do you want to be notified if someone is approaching your home?   

Protect your home and your family.  Work with a licensed, trusted security system expert who will ensure that your security system meets your unique needs and preferences.  

Glenn Duckworth, founder and owner of Cabling Systems, Inc. located in Remington, VA, has more than 30 years of security system expertise.   He and his team design and install home and business security systems and IP camera systems based on clients’ needs and lifestyles. All team members are fully trained, licensed, background checked, and finger printed providing complete peace of mind.  For security system questions or additional information, please call 540.439.0101 or email .  

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