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This marks the first year my twins comprehend the meaning of Christmas.  I get to witness them learning both about the birth of Christ as well as the magic of Santa.  Observing the newness through their eyes is just heart warming and the most special gift I could ask for. It has made the “reason for the season” extra special this year.  Our decorations are themed with the word “Believe” and under our wreath a banner is displayed reading “Believe in the Magic of Christmas”.

Leading up to Christmas, I helped my children thin out their toys, books and clothes and made them part of the process of donating them to other children.  It took some patience and we all went through some tears, but in the end they were generally happy about sharing and giving to others something that meant something to them.  

Since they will be on Winter Break from school for a few weeks, I have started to plan some fun activities.  We are going to the Air and Space Museum, a plethora of drive through light shows, a real life nativity, a Christmas animal village, visiting some antique trains- I tried to get tickets for the Polar Express but apparently I needed to plan that before they were born to successfully secure tickets- and making gifts for the special people in their lives.  

Making cookies is top of the gift list to make.  When asking them who they wanted to make cookies for, the first thing my daughter said was “for the “Hamdogs”, which is what she calls her beloved pack of Foxhounds at the Middleburg Hunt.  They also want to make cookies for Bubba the friendly pony, mommy’s Pighorse, and of course Aunties Mimi, Bernie and Bridgett all who my son has a crush on and help develop his flirting skills.

My outgoing son recently said “God bless you”, blew a kiss and waved at a helpful sales person behind a retail counter.   Her eyes and smile went wide and I beamed with pride at my caring little man.  He chose to share emotion, compassion and love to a complete stranger. I am the one who is blessed with these little souls God entrusted me to raise. 

Now, if this has made you think our household is always glittery and filled with sweets, it’s not.  I regularly have epic mom fails, my children throw the occasional temper tantrum and when life moves too fast, which it does, I forget things like the make up picture day at school and send my children with an oatmeal/snot combination glued on their faces.

So what is the point here? Teach and learn to give. Express love and gratitude.  Be genuine and humble.  And Believe.  

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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